1-Man’s Opinion Column-Friday—11/27 “NFL Standings-Why so Good-Why so Bad”

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Heading towards another NFL weekend, you have to look at the standings, and ask this NFL question.

How did they get so good, while the Chargers got so bad? How did they wind up who they have and the Bolts wind up (2-8)?

The Carolina Panthers are unbeaten, a complete team, with a firebrand leader, and an (11-0) record.

The Arizona Cardinals are for real. Good players, good coaching, good scheme.

It appears Carolina and Arizona are on a collision course in the NFC-Championship game. The Chargers are headed to the top of the draft board.

The Chargers? They thought they hired the best coach on the open market just three years ago, and that coach was walking into the best situation of any of the new coaches who inherited players, led by Philip Rivers.. Mike McCoy is (2-8), his team on a terrible tailspin since last December, a roster ruined by injuries, with 11-losses in the last 14-games.

Just think who the coaches are of the teams mentioned above. Bruce Arians-Arizona. Ron Rivera-Carolina. 1-walked into a franchise that had a history of horrible ownership-leadership, the Bidwell family. The other came on board to a franchise that was once (1-15), and more recently was failing..

And think about this, the Chargers had the chance to hire both, and didn’t.. Arians never seemed to be a serious candidate here. Rivera was here as an assistant and was swept out in coaching changes.

Carolina is led by gifted quarterback Cam Newton, polar-opposite of the other quarterback taken high in the draft, the Redskins Robert Griffin III. The Panthers play ferocious defense, have a violent front, tremendous linebacking, and a diverse offense. Luke Kiechly and the gang are everywhere making plays. Newton’s diversity makes him dangerous run and throw, and others even more dangerous.

Arizona has a recycled quarterback, Carson Palmer, a scrap heap running back, Chris Johnson, and quality draft pick receivers in Larry Fitzgerald, Michael Floyd and others. Calais Campbell leads a defense upfront, with Patrick Peterson and the Honey Badger Tyrann Mathieu on the backend.

So those teams move on from the calamity of what they were just three years ago. The Chargers trudge on playing out the string.

2-franchises that were pretty bad, are indeed now pretty good. One team, that used to be pretty good, has gotten pretty bad.

And to think, the Chargers could have had either of those coaches, and could have drafted some of those type players too.

We know who got good. We know who is bad, and now probably, who should be blamed..



2 Responses to “1-Man’s Opinion Column-Friday—11/27 “NFL Standings-Why so Good-Why so Bad””

  1. Ron Graces says:

    I was full of hope three years ago. Today I blame Telesco more than McCoy. He is ultimately responsible for the draft picks. He is responsible for the lack of good free agent signings. He needs to go first the. McCoy.

    • Lee Hacksaw Hamilton says:

      Telesco-John Spans bear the brunt of this mess….McCoy has to prove he is not ‘in over his head’…Reich is….Pagano system no longer works…housecleaning of assistants coming…

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