1-Man’s Opinion Column-Friday-1/8 “10-Questions for Tom”

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“10-Questions for Tom”


The miserable football season is over, but the ache still remains, because of a battered roster, and the likelihood the Chargers have played their last game in San Diego.

Chargers General Manager Tom Telesco, ‘the Ghost”, who is seldom seen and hardly ever heard, will hold his season ending press conference-autopsy on Friday.

Therefore-10-Questions for Tom.

The day you were introduced, you promised ‘transparency’ in the organization, yet you have disappeared from public view, treat the media with disdain, and have broken the bond you said you would develop with those covering the team. Why?

You were given a contract extension last August after your solid draft and positive free agent spending spree, but it was never announced. Why?

As the national media lampooned Mike McCoy, you stood silent and let him take all the national heat for what wound up to be a terrible season., You preached ‘team’. Why?

You and John Spanos have burned thru 35M in signing bonus money and an overall 65M in guaranteed money in your three years on the job. That’s alot of mistakes?

Have you given a (4-12) coach a contract extension beyond 2016-after all the praise Mike McCoy received from his players for holding the team together thru this nightmare of a season. Does McCoy have a multi-year deal in place?

You obviously believe in McCoy. Was a condition of keeping him, that he purge his assistant coaching staff to stay on the job?

How do you replace 7-assistant coaches on a staff, if Mike McCoy is heading into the final year of his contract?

Do you need to evaluate changes in your medical team, training staff, and strength and conditioning crew in the wake of a horrid siege of injuries this year, a league leading 17-concussions, and a terrible three year run of injured players?

Based on your decision to bypass quality defensive lineman, and not having draft many offensive lineman, aside from DJ Fluker, will those be your priorities drafting at the top of the first and second rounds in April?

Do you and John Spanos owe quarterback Philip Rivers, and this community, an apology for the deterioration of the talent level around a future Hall of Fame quarterback like Rivers?

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