1-Man’s Opinion Column–Friday “Chargers Draft Win-Win”

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“Chargers Draft–Win-Win Decision”

Everybody thinks they won on the lst day of the NFL draft.

It’s like the first day of spring, you feel invigorated, excited, energized. Same thing in the NFL, whether your team went (12-4) or as the Chargers did (4-12).

Within the Media Center at Chargers Park, the general feeling was “Wow”, at what the Chargers did atop the NFL draft board, choosing 3rd, but actually getting thier pick of the top every-down players on the board.

1-thing is for certain; everytime the Bolts draft a player, he brings speed in the front door with him. Such the case with the blazing fast, but bulked up Joey Bosa, the hybrid defensive end-linebacker from Ohio State.

The team kept its interest in him quiet all thru the draft evaluation process. The last time they talked to him was at the Buckeyes Pro Day. Before that, one converaation and dinner around Combine time. Everybody else was speculating he wasn’t a perfect fit for the ‘3-4’ defense San Diego runs. Maybe not hefty enough. Maybe a pretty good smoke screen.

But at 6-6, and 270-pounds, with long arms, an explosive burst, sideline-to-sideline speed, and a motor that burns high octane fuel, you come away impressed. Maybe this has the potential to be a JJ Watt type player.

The Chargers did due dliigence. They talked extensivley to Urban Meyer, his coach. They talked to coaches at Michigan State ande Michigan and Penn State. People raved. The Chargers kept the info under their hat.

They didn’t actually lie, because few asked them about him. Maybe that’s because the Cowboys and Jerry Jones were dropping hints everywhere, he was the guy they wanted. That was confirmed when you looked at the sad faces in the Dallas war-room as the pick was being announced.

Jacksonville wanted to trade up, but San Diego wanted more than the Jags were willing to give. But that’s not a problem because the Jaguars wound up with Jalen Ramsey, the Florida state safety.

Yes, DeForest Buckner was much bigger and had some of the qualities of Bosa, but San Diego felt he fit best what they want to do. Every year, they add speed and guys who ‘get after it. Just remember Denzel Perryman and Jason Verrett amongst others. They all fly, they all lay the leather out on you.

Yes, they needed offfensive line help because Philip Rivers has been sacked 155-times in the last four years. And yes Notre Dame’s Ronnie Stanley came with great credits. He wound up in Baltimore, after the other top tackle Laremy Tunsil tumbled down the board like a brick falling from the sky, with his off-field issues.

Yes Ramsey would have been a great secondary addition to team with Jason Verrett, another flyer who can hit.

But somewhere along the way you got the sense if John Pagano has more people to go get the quarterback, there would be less time in the pocket, more pressure, lots more hits, probably deflections, sacks, and a secondary that would hold up better.

You Tube Joey Bosa and you will come away impressed. The son of ex-Miami Dolphins pass rusher John Bosa, this kid looks legit. Maybe a truly two way player, a beast coming out of a 3-point stance, and the blow-by-you guy standing up and blitzing..

1-thing for certain, QB’s won’t be able to get the ball down field if Bosa and the Boys amp up that pass rush, complemented by John Pagano’s blitz package.

Don’t know what today brings. 7-offensive linemen went in the lst round, a high number. Not too much left there, and the Rivers protection issue still remains. As does the inabillity to run the ball Sunday-by-Sunday.

But with the arrival today of Buckeyes defensive end Joey Bosa, all football all the time, a good choice on a team with a great need-defense.


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