1-Man’s Opinion Column–Friday “Chargers-Game Balls-Personal Foul Flags”

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“Chargers-Game Balls-Personal Foul Flags”


Who needed that win over the Denver Broncos last nite more?

Coach Mike McCoy….his injury ravaged team….the fans?

In one of the more surprising games we’ve seen, a tired, beaten down, injured, and young team, stepped up and punch the 1st place Broncos in the mouth, right from the start, right till the final play of the game.

With just two days to prepare, the coaching staff inserted a package of offensive plays that protected Philip Rivers, wore out Denver’s defense, and gave the Chargers just enough cushion to hold off a late 4th quarter Broncos surge.

Ken Whisenhunt went to 3-step drops to offset the Von Miller led pass rush. They got the ball out on the edge, they got the ball to receivers and backs on crossing patters, and they kept Denver’s defense on the field.

At one point, San Diego had a ((160-21) edge in yards, and had run 29-plays to Denver’s 6. They scored just 1-TD…but they wound up with a bunch of Josh Lambo field goals to pad the margin.

The defense brought the heat against young quarterback Trevor Siemian. They blitz, they covered, they knocked receivers off their routes. And they stuffed running back CJ Anderson.

John Pagano has pass rushers coming from everywhere. They hit the QB, created a sack and a critical safety.

When it was over, Siemian threw 50-passes, took a brutal sack, 3-hits and had to run out of th pocket six times.

And when they completed passes, the tackling was sure, it was heavy, and the ball was on the ground.

Yes special teams sprung leaks. Punt returner Travis Benjamin got benched for failing to pick up two kicks, and letting one hit his leg-that turned into a Denver fumble recovery. He’s lost his confidence, or maybe his courage, odd for someone so prolific in Cleveland.

Dexter McCluster took a kickoff back for big time yards too.

With the San Diego Union calling for McCoy’s firing most every day Kevin Acee writes a column, with the national correspondants alerting us to be ready for a coaching firing,, the Chargers players put together a tremendous effort, with the gas tank running on low.

Game balls for McCoy getting his team to play on th edge. Whisenhunt for devising a diverse offense that had Rivers get the ball out to 7-receivers in the lst half. And to Pagano for dialing up a wide variety of blizes for pass rusher Joey Bosa and the linebackers to go after the Broncos quarterback.

15-yard penalty to Acee and his personal crusade to get the coach. The same columnist who said Rocky Long should be fired also at San Diego State, as the team embarked on a (15-1) run over the last year and a half.

This only counts as 1-win for this beleaguered franchise. It counts as another “got it wrong column” fromt he supposed know it-all at the Union Tribune.

McCoy needed the win badly. The players earned the win. The community gets at least a week to enjoy the fireworks.


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