1-Man’s Opinion Column–Friday “Teams in Town-This-That-The Other”

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“This-That-Some of the Other”


Chargers…If the Bolts are an underperforming team, so is Miami, in which the arrow was supposed to be pointed up with young QB-Ryan Tannehill. At least the Bolts have an explanation-excuse..injury after injury…Tannehill just seems to have regressed…The only big plays Ndomakong Suh makes are when he stomps on someone, kicks them, or goes to the bank to cash a paycheck…Why do I think Albert Haynesworth when I see Suh play?

Dean Spanos..Hard to believe Bolts owner has to “evaluate” what just happened on election day, his Measure C-Stadium proposal, rejected at the ballot box. The man lives in a fantasy world, acting as if he has leverage still. He has never had leverage, since NFL owners voted the Rams to LA and sent him back to San Diego. He blinked when Mayor Kevin Faulconer refused to approve his Measure for nearly 6-months.

Padres…Ever heard the name Frank “Trader” Lane, former GM back in the 50s and 60s, Cardinals, Indians and White Sox. Made his career by dealing away the likes of stars of those days, Minnie Minoso, Rocky Colavito and more. Now I hear AJ Preller is shopping 3rd baseman Yanger Solarte amongst others. Think AJ, think Frank Lane. AJ cannot stop making deals.

Aztecs Football..No one, and I mean no one is paying attention to San Diego State football, not running back DJ Pumphrey, who could go over (2,000) all purpose yards tomorrow night at Nevada..no a defense that has given up just 2-touchdowns in the last five games. Not one sentence nationally about either.

USD Football…Ditto for the Toreros, who play in the shadows of Division 1-AA football, the top defense in the nation at that level…they’ve allowed just 3-TDs in their last 5-games and will be headed back the playoffs later this month.

Aztecs Hoops…SDSU begins the season tonite with a walkover game against lowly USD. The Aztecs unveil lots of new pieces. They look so athletic and are led by two great veteran guards. They win tonite, but the real test if what happens Monday in Spokane when they face West Coast Conference power Gonzaga, which is also loaded.

USD Hoops..This will be painful for 2nd year coach Lamont Smith. He went (9-21) last year, his top big man graduated along with a shooter. He starts 3-freshmen tonite, has little size, and not much experience. A year from tonight they will be better, but this will be another awful season. The program has never been the same since Brad Holland left.

Gulls…Working agreements are great, if the NHL parent club drafts well, and signs international players. The Anaheim Ducks have. But working agreements are awful if that same parent club keeps calling up players. The Gulls have lost 5-in a row, and can never put the same lineup on the ice from one game to the next. The Ducks have called up their top 3-goal scorers and top defenseman 3-different times in the first 4-weeks of the AHL season.

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