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It was ugly, it was awful, it was dispiriting, the horror-show performance put on by the Chargers in the Sunday loss to the Oakland Raiders.
The Raiders picked a street fight, and dragged the Chargers into the alley. Before you knew it, it was a (37-6) Oakland lead in San Diego’s yard, amidst screaming Raiders fans and booing Bolts fans.
I wonder what Dean Spanos and Mark Fabiani thought as they sat in their luxurious skybox, watching the pitiful performance?
I wonder what they felt, when the Stadium colors became Silver and Black, and the home game became a road game for their own team.
They created this ugly atmosphere. They spit in the face of the mayor and the civic leaders by refusing to sit and try to negotiate a financial deal on a new stadium. They poured gasoline on the smoldering emotions in the community with the Friday confirmation they will file to move to LA in January.
As for the football people, lay this at the front door of Tom Telesco and John Spanos. You want to be the VPs of player acquisitions, then this roster is on you.
Telesco came from Indianapolis. Do you remember what the Colts were known for? Peyton Manning and a soft team. The body in the alley outside the Stadium yesterday was Philip Rivers and the soft roster around him.
Mike McCoy has problems, not just his condescending attitude towards the media and fans, it’s his inability to admit his mistakes. Whether it is play calling, or the benching of explosive Melvin Gordon, when they need his burst, lots of bad issues here.
He must admit also, John Pagano’s defense does not work. Not the blitz package, not the ‘3-4’ and it may be time to remove him to try and salvage the season. Mike Nolan is on the staff with a track record, and this cannot go on indefinitely.
Who would have thought we’d ever be talking about a Philip Rivers team in last place? Who would have thought, there’d be more wearing enemy colors, than Power Blue in your stadium?
Dean Spanos owes this Mayor and apology. They owe the fans the same for what they’ve allowed this franchise to become. How insulting to say your filing to go to LA.
The only thing they get high ratings for are for ruining the relationships they had in San Diego, with the fans, and maybe next with the business community.
It was a bad day on the field, and the implications about what is happening off the field make it even worse.
This is all on Dean Spanos, his son, Tom Telesco and Mike McCoy. They’re in last place too…




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