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“Chargers Football-A Different Viewpoint”
When is (4-12) not a (4-12) football season?
Bad is bad, regardless of where you are, but maybe it has a different feel, taste, smell, and even a sting to it this morning in San Diego.
The Chargers clean out their locker-rooms today. They may be packing boxes shortly to move to Los Angeles, sadly.
But in parting, though you have hold the Spanos family is real disregard, don’t do the same to the players, and maybe not even the coaches.
The Chargers left it on the field last night in Denver. Yes it was a (27-20) setback, yes they have lost 15-of-20 dating back to December of 2014, but no they never quit, they never gave up, they kept on coming.
Just ask Denver QB-Brock Osweiler who freaked out in the teeth of the Bolt blitz. They blitzed him 15-times, and the end result was 5-turnovers in th opening half. San Diego could not capitalize because of all ot its shortcomings-injuries to that side of the ball.
It was only fitting, in typical fashion, that 3-more offensive linemen went out with injuries during the game. And they were playing guys who were on the street last Monday, in the secondary, against Peyton Manning.
The Chargers couldn’t stop the run, could stop the big plays, and yes gave up 503-yards in offense. But they also had the ball at mid-field on thier last possesion, and I’d take Philip Rivers any day, and twice on Sunday in a situation like that.
The season is over; a couple of coaches on the staff will likely exit. The head coach stays, because he never ‘lost his team’ as they lost player after player to injuries.
Shame on the GM for not supporting the coach in public as the local and national print media called for and reported his imminent firing.
Shame on the President of Football Operations for hiding behind the door as many of the acquisitions they brought in broke down, or flat out failed.
Is there something to build on next year? Sure the defense. Is there something that needs to be fixed? Definitely, those infront of Philip Rivers.,
Sadly, they likely won’t be here in San Diego, as ownership goes to New York this week to tell everyone who matters, fellow owners, about all the great profits that can be earned if the team moves to Los Angeles.
But for this one final day of a bad season, credit the heart-the-soul, the determination, the professionalism of the head coach and the roster, and that quarterback.
This (4-12) never waved a white flag, even while the Red Cross unit had to cart players off game-by-game.
This team didn’t play like a (4-12) team, that had packed the car and had the motor running. Not with that coach and that quarterback for sure.

This team is very different from its owner, who wants to leave town, yesterday. He’s (4-12), the players are not.

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