1-Man’s Opinion Column–Monday “All Star Festivities-Highlite of the Padres Season”

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Highlight of the Season-It’s Downhill from Here on Out


Petco Park, our crown jewel in sports, will be on display tonight, as the All Star festivities move into high gear.

Home Run Derby will be front and center under the lights for the rest of the nation to see.

See the beauty of America’s Finest City. See the dynamics of the destination point that Petco Park has become. See the videos of the sunset at Coronado, the surf at Delmar, the history of Balboa Park. The energy of the Gaslamp Quarter.

America will come away impressed by the picture perfect postcard shots of the city, the region, our stadium.

Of course they don’t have to watch San Diego Padres baseball year round, so they will miss the history lesson on fire sales of the past, what might happen in the next two weeks, or the hope we might have that all these international players the team has just signed, or the ones they drafted, will arrive by 2019 and wash away all the bad baseball we have seen recently.

For at least 48-hours, let’s forget about the rogue GM, the rookie manager, the bad contracts, and is some cases bad attitudes this team has had on its roster. Do think about the myriad of arm injuries and surgeries. either. Don’t worry about impending free agency, or luxury tax payments, or draft pick penalties either.

From now till Wednesday focus on the history of the All Star festivities, the energy in the year, the fun times across the street at Fan Fest at the Convention Center.

We long for a pennant race, we want post season games in October, and we’d sure like to hear the words “Fall Classic” sometime in the future.

But for today and tomorrow enjoy baseball’s other favorite axiom….”Mid Summer Nights Classic”….which is what the All Star game is all about.

Think kindly of owners Ron Fowler and Peter Seidler, and even President Mike Dee, who convinced baseball to put the All Star Game here. San Diego had it coming because they built Petco Park, and this is part of the reward.

Reward yourself, and set aside the past, and even this first half of the season, and enjoy tonight and then again tomorrow. Color,pageantry, respect of history. The All Star Game is really special, and it’s in our city, in our stadium.



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