1-Man’s Opinion Column–Monday “Best They Could Be for 1-Day”

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“Doing the Right Thing Finally”


I told you they could be good, and they were, for at least one Sunday in the NFL.

The Chargers unleashed their fury on the Jacksonville Jaguars, hitting them in the mouth on defense, hitting them with big plays, and powering their way to a (38-14) win at the less-than-sold out Q yesterday.

A win, coupled though with the loss of do-everything running back Danny Woodhead, out with a significant knee injury. This is not good, in that the Chargers have now lost 6-skill players since the start of training camp, Keenan Allen amongst three receivers, tight end Jeff Cumberland, and now both Woodhead and Brandon Oliver.

Melvin Gordon continues to blaze on the ground. There was nothing wrong with that running back last year, when the media horde and the great unwashed-uneducated fans, said he was a bust. He had no offensive line last year. This year they are healthy and he is hitting big plays.

Is there another gem in the receiver corps, this big time pass catcher from tiny Western Oregon?. Tyrell Williams now has an 81-and-44 yard TDs over the last 3-games he has played in. Heir apparent to Malcom Floyd.

The defense is athletic, and made some big plays vs the Jaguars. They blitzed Blake Bortels into turnovers. The defense roamed the secondary like a pack of wolves. Picks, sacks, fumble recoveries. It was pretty dominant.

No Joey Bosa on the field yet. Maybe next week, but you must be cautious with hamstrings. Those self inflicted wounds can be scary, especially that injury.

Despite the spotty personality of Mike McCoy, passive and intimidated last week in Kansas City, much more aggressive this week, the Chargers are now (1-1).

But the sting of that loss last week at Arrowhead is still there. Had the Bolts won there, they’d be in first place, and KC, which lost yesterday, would now be (0-2) not (1-1). Oht he mistakes the coaches and players made last Sunday.

But for one night, aside from the loss of Woodhead, lots to feel good about. Next week, a chance to win on the road in Indianapolis, where the Colts have no defense, and Andrew Luck is turning the ball over still.

Somewhat surprising, just 52,000 plus in the yard, the lowest home turnout since 2004. Maybe the hot weather, maybe the residue of the Spanos-Fabiani-Stadium spillover.

I kept saying in camp, this team could win the AFC-West. They gave you some reasons to believe with the win over the Jaguars.


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