1-Man’s Opinion Column-Monday– “Bolts-Believe It or Not”

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“Bolts-Believe it or Not’

So it’s a new day, and the story is constantly changing. Friday showed us all the uncertainty in the on-going sage of the Chargers, to Los Angeles, to San Diego, to whomever gives them a lucrative deal.

In a span of 24-hours, Team Spanos bought an option to buy a business building and 5-acres of land, for a practice facility in Santa Ana.

Then Friday morning, they reached agreement on a ‘tenant deal’ to move into the Rams new Stadium, getting reduced revenue, but not having to fork over 1.3B in construction costs, nor territorial transfer fees.

When all appeared lost in San Diego, the Chargers owner, announced he would commence talks with the City, to see if there was a way to build a new stadium, either downtown or in Mission Valley, some 4-months after the City-County coalition stood shocked when the Chargers walked away from the negotiating table.

Of course, caught in the middle of all this, is the Raiders franchise, looking like a homeless transient, pushing a shopping cart out of the Oakland Coliseum parking lot, blocked for the time being from going to LA and possibly even San Diego.

And if the theatrics weren’t overwhelming, this Sunday night tidbit, that Mark Fabiani is trying help steer Raiders owner Mark Davis to Las Vegas, where the CEO of the ‘Sands’ is proposing an NFL-UNLV stadium.

The Chargers are trying to divert the Raiders out of Southern California obviously, still with the mistaken idea people in LA and Orange County are attached to the Bolts. Doubtful, in that LA seems to be donning Rams colors from this moment forward.

So as talks hopefully start this week between the City-County-Chargers negotiators, we now get to watch the leverage game.

Do the Chargers hold the paperwork they have about LA-Santa Ana over the head of the Mayor? Does the Faulconer-Roberts team flash a Raiders logo at the Spanos family with the threat, if you don’t do a ‘fair deal’ with us, San Diego will embrace the Silver and Black, and good luck being the 2nd NFL team in LA and the 8th team on the sports radar, located below the Dodgers-Lakers-Rams-UCLA-USC-Clippers-Kings, maybe just ahead of the LA Galaxy

Spanos, who is afraid of the San Diego print and electronic media, is using all types of vocabulary about dedication to get a deal done; that San Diego is where the heart really is, etc, etc, etc. He’s trying to undo all the acidic things he let Fabiani say about San Diego over the last 9-months.

If indeed he firmly wants us to believe his dedication to stay in America’s finest city, then Dean Spanos needs to do the following.

Meet with the credible media face-to-face, not his PR-employees. Answer all the tough questions, fair or unfair, and then go to the negotiating table to share ideas, not make demands..

And he should also show us his dedication, by opting out of the Rams deal, backing away from Santa Ana, and adding another 100M of his own money to match the 300M-NFL money, leading to a favorable vote on a new “Q”.

That would be a legitimate committment to stay here.

Did I not tell you a month ago, that if the Carson-LA plan blew up, fell part, fell short of the votes, Spanos would resurface down here, trying to play the role of ‘saviour’. He wants you to believe he is doing you a favor by now attempting to keep the NFL team here.

Not at all costs, just an expensive cost to the city, the county, the fans who will get PSL bills in the mail with season ticket orders. We are now where I thought we would be..

A rich man wanting to get richer, after dumping on his city, his fan base, and his integrity.

I kept saying his legacy would be based on leaving in the middle of the night to go to LA, or being the catalyst for building a new stadium. His scorched-earth policy, burning all his credibility currency in San Diego, is right there infront of everyone to see.

Now we see if he can change his business methodology, and show San Diego Chargers fans loyalty.




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