1-Man’s Opinion Column-Monday “Chargers-What Does (1-4) Mean?”

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“What does (1-4) Mean-Chargers?”


Sunday’s Chargers loss in Oakland means lots of things to lots of people.

Across the board, it is the end of their playoff hopes, maybe the earliest the Chargers have been eliminated from the playoff race in years upon years.

To the fans, it probably means this should be the end of Mike McCoy’s head coaching career.

To the ownership, it probably means the end to their hopes to get the Stadium Measure C passed a month from now.

For the coach, it just turns up the heat on his coaching career.

But what should (1-4) really mean for the last place Chargers?

It should lead to a face to face meeting with ownership, to tell Coach Mike McCoy, the mandate is simple. You coach this team, and you coach these young players, to improve them week to week.

It should mean you hold these players accountable, in public, not behind closed doors.

It might mean, you are coaching them for next season, when all the adversity, the learning curve mistakes, will be in the rear-view mirror.

You saw two things in the Black Hole yesterday.

You saw the dynamics of all the young skill people, playing, learning, making mistakes around quarterback Philip Rivers.

You saw the disastrous results, when you are forced to play all those rookies and inexperienced players on defense because of key injuries.

The young kids on offense are making plays. The young kids on defense are getting taken advantage of.

Travis Benjamin, Hunter Henry, Tyrell Williams and Gordon made lots of big plays, run and pass. So did Joey Bosa’s high energy debut.

It’s tough when some of your best players let you down.

Melvin Gordon’s fumble. Dropped passes. Antonio Gates stripped of the ball. Before that is was a bad outing from Jason Verrett before the injury. and the stage fright of punter Drew Kazor.

I am the lone wolf here.

I would not fire Mike McCoy. Ken Whisenhunt is not head coaching material, his (3-19) record in Tennessee should chase everyone away from that thought. There is no one else on that staff who is head coaching timbre.

McCoy’s task is to get tougher on these players, make them learn, get them ready for the 2017 season.

If you get to November, and there are no improvements, then you remove McCoy, and have your ready list of replacements to bring in immediately to observe what’s left in the schedule.

The only two successful coaches in the Chargers-Spanos era, were tough guy proven leaders, Marty Schottenheimer and before than Bobby Ross.

Team Spanos, if they hit the eject button, will need to pay big time money to end all this losing. That might mean Tom Coughlin or Mike Holmgren. It might mean David Shaw or Jim Harbaugh from the college ranks.

McCoy is the 29th ranked paid head coach in the league. You get what you pay for. You cannot be satisfied with what is on the field, and you need to self-critique yourself also.

Next year should begin with the next practice on the field Tuesday, as the Denver Broncos come to town.

T’is a losing season, but all is not lost. A chunk of the foundation is still there. There needs to be a mandate this coaching staff will ramp it up, from a leadership standpoint.

If the Raiders can climb out of the basement after nearly a decade of losing, the Chargers should be able to climb out of the Black Hole of last place they are in too.

We find out if the coach can be a winner, or if he is a loser. That needs to be said today in a meeting with owners.

(1-4) means this season is over. (1-4) means you starting coaching for next year.


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