1-Man’s Opinion Column–Monday–“March Madness-Driving You Crazy”

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“March Madness….Driving You Crazy?”


Has your heart stopped racing?. Does the punch in the gut you got in the final seconds feel better now?. Can you believe what just happened this weekend?
Are you emotionally spent as your go back to work today?

I don’t think we’ve seen this very often, but why should the NCAA postseason be any different than the regular season?

You remember November thru March don’t you. Six different teams were ranked number 1-in th nation at one time or another. There didn’t seem to be much different between any of the top teams. Nobody dominant, but everybody dangerous.

Oh of course there were some disappointments. Kentucky, its history of using one and done playes, didn’t get it done this year. LSU, with the NBA’s likely first pick, forward Ben Simmons, faltered, and never really came together when it counted most.

Very good was not quite good enough come tournament time. A darling like Gonzaga got dumped in the final seconds of its game. Duke was just never the Duke of decades gone by. Oregon was real good out here, but the PAC 12 is not equal to those guys back there.

No lead ever seems safe. Ask Virginia, heading home to Charlottesville. Kansas had it all, lost it all at the end. Ask Gonzaga and how it ended with Syracuse.

This all started the first day with a 2nd seed like Michigan State going home early. We had 12-lower seeds win against higher seeds the first weekend.

There are teams playing possessed right now, maybe playing over their head, but like the given years that George Mason or Butler got to the Final 4, Villanova, Oklahoma and Syracuse are not apologizing for playing next weekend.

Maybe the 1-and-done rule has caught up with college basketball. So many of the young stud players have left to go the NBA, that we are now left a bunch of really good young players, no superstars, and that raw talent of shooters and leapers, are spread all over the road map.

Hard to believe only 1-number one seed is left in the field, North Carolina. Villanova seems on a mission. Syracuse is playing with its Orange hair on fire. Take that NCAA sanctions.

How are your brackets?. Bet no one had all these guys getting thru to next weekends party in Houston.

Post season, just like regular season, just crazy. March madness driving you crazy?.


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