1-Man’s Opinion Column-Monday “Padres-Bad Luck-No Luck”

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“Padres-Coming Home-Limping Home”


Padres baseball. If they didn’t have bad luck, they wouldn’t have any luck at all.

We are starting the 7th week of the baseball season, and Andy Green’s team has now suffered 9-major injuries.

The latest, 1st baseman Wil Myers, scratched yesterday with a strained inside forearm. Hopefully it is from over-exertion in batting practice and nothing more. Hopefully it has nothing to do with the wrist surgery he had last year to correct a 2-year lingering issue.

All this on top of the siege of leg injuries that has wiped out the entire infield. No Yanger Solarte (hamstring), no Alexi Amarista (hamstring), no Jemile Weeks (hamstring), no Corey Spangenberg (quad.

Luckily role players, bench sitters, have the ability to play multiple positions and have at least kept the Padres competitive. Granted they’re not hitting, but the efforts of Brett Wallace and Adam Rosales cannot be denied.

The only guy left in El Paso with major league qualifications is ex-Dodger 1st baseman James Loney, hitting (.342) in AAA. His time has come, maybe time to get him up here.

Catcher Derek Norris is also nicked up but playing. John Jay jammed a shoulder diving for a ball in the outfield. Jabari Blash has been DFA’d and might go back to Seattle, or possibly be sent to El Paso.

The annual pitching woes have been overshadowed by the mess in the infield.

Robbie Erlin has elbow surgery this week and is gone for the year. Unknown is the severity of the Tyson Ross shoulder issue, though words like ‘impingement’ might become part of the conversation next.

Andrew Cashner has the nagging hamstring issue, meaning 3-of the 5-opening day starters in the rotation aren’t on the mound.

Brandon Morrow’s rehab comeback has been slowed too, sent to extended spring training in Arizona, after giving up 28-runs in 30-innings over 7-starts. He needs time to get stronger and locate his stuff.

It’s not pretty, but in all honesty (17-22) is alot better than I thought possible. Lots of games to be played, but the chronic leg issues mean this team needs to evaluate off field training.

Is it a hydration issue triggering the calf-hamstring-quad problems? Is it a deficient training regimen to protect those muscles? Is it just bad luck?.

The people at Petco Park know all about bad luck. This is the franchise that had 12-shoulder-elbow surgeries in a 17-month span. The shadows of Josh Johnson to Dustin Moseley seems to linger.

Andy Green is managing his shoes off, but everyday seems to be a crisis, and he’s losing a player a week. He entered Sunday’s game with only 2-healthy bench players.

Many thought this franchise had a bad opening day roster. No chance to be in a pennant race. Now it’s more than that.

No luck-bad luck, that’s what Padres baseball is right now..


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2 Responses to “1-Man’s Opinion Column-Monday “Padres-Bad Luck-No Luck””

  1. Roger says:

    Hacksaw, I guess that what you are saying is that without all the injuries (your excuse from day one, every year) that the Padres would have the identical win-loss record as the Chicago Cubs. Is that what you are saying here ???

    • Lee Hacksaw Hamilton says:

      Never said that…quit making things up…bitter old man….
      Crappy drafting….trading of farm system away….mistakes on veterans…reason they are where they are…
      Injuries hurting team too…
      Read what I write…not what you think

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