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“This-That & The Other”


Padres..When you figure out this team, let me know. they have a really poor record, have spent the season trying to find the daylight while in the basement, are trading away many of their veteran players, and yet they have 17-wins this year against teams that were in 1st or 2nd place.

Padres…Must tell you, am very disappointed when I hear Padres players tainting comments about the trade deadline of welcoming a deal to a pennant contendor, especially when some of them are making the kind of money they are making and are out of the pennant race again.

Dodgers…I don’t know how they survive this loss of Clayton Kershaw, likely headed to back surgery. Hyun Jin-Ryu is on the DL with elbow issues. Chris Hatcher, the setup man is gone. Brandon McCarthy is ailing. Bud Norris is not very reliable. There’s nothing left at Oklahoma City to trust.

Angels…Everyone I know was rooting for Tim Lincecum in his comeback, but reality is set in. There is no oomp to his fastball. The hip surgeries have takena way his mechanics. In his last 24-innings, he has given up 30-runs, 50-hits, and allowed 63-base runners.

Chargers…There are two storylines to pay attention too. Joey Bosa is still unsigned. The club should pay him much of his 17M bonus money upfront. It’s the way business is being done these days. The agent is wrong if he thinks he can break new ground and get a team to get rid of off set language in contracts.

Chargers…Mike McCoy wasn’t to blame for that (4-12) debacle of a season..but he needs to be in the postseason this year to retain his job. When you have a potential Hall of Fame quarterback and your franchise has won just 1-playoff game in 7-years, from Norv Turner to McCoy, the current status quo cannot be any longer acceptable.

Chargers…Surprised at the UT poll on the Stadium situation that so many people have worked so hard on. Only 30-percent of San Diego voters polled say they will vote yes on the Stadium referendum-hotel tax increase. 40-percent say they will vote ‘no’ and 30-percent don’t know. And there is growing resentment over downtown-vs-Qualcomm, with only 26-percent wanting downtown and a high 66-percent favoring the Q-sight.

Rams…They are the first NFL team to open camp, with rookies rolling in on Tuesday, and vets reporting Thursday. Coming in, is the 1st pick in the draft, quarterback Jared Goff. Back for his second year, is bright young running back Todd Gurley. Then there is a pretty good defense. And of course , 70,000-season tickets for home games this fall.

Media…A good game gone off track on television. The Padres have a superb TV broadcast package, led by Dick Enberg and newcomer Don Orsillo. Sunday’s telecast was poor, with fill in Jesse Agler working with Mark Grant. Too much ‘ha-ha’ non baseball stuff. Way too much talk. Let the game breathe. and speaking of ‘bad’, the Padres social hour telecast is is filled with really poor content, inside jokes, and pandering. Talk baseball, there are a thousand stories in the naked city. Too much noise.

Media….Is there a better writer with a better grasp of all things Olympics, with opinions on the matter than the UT’s-Mark Zeigler? Exceptional coverage. He should be the LA Times lead Olympic guys.

Media..The UT hired a cub reporter Rob Harms to cover Gulls hockey. He sat in the pressbox watching ACC-basketball games on his computer, not really covering the AHL team very well. Now he’s gone back to the Carolina’s. The UT didn’t do a very consistent, nor quality job, covering the team. There are hockey writers in this markete they could hire.

Media….the AHL Gulls deserve a better radio deal than they had on ESPN-1700, which you cannot hear. Making fans listen off your website wasn’t very satisfying. The broadcasts need to be better.

Media..Congrats to Todd Leonard for exceptional coverage of the British Open, and all things surrounding the week of Phil Mickelson in Scotland. His byline was featured in the LA Times.

Media..Good Luck to Todd Adams, ex-Assistant Sports Editor at UT..now at Detroit Free Press….Jay Posner, with more resources, now running sports staff, with chance to have his guys do more enterprise stories than ever..

Media..Congrats to friend John Kentera, for job well done running the San Diego Sockers as GM, and good luck heading to work as an Administrative Assistant to classy agent John Boggs. The coach, bird dogging players, sounds good to me.

Media..Josh Lewin, who has been doubling doing Mets baseball on radio, and Chargers games, as an out of towner, moves West, swapping out baseball to do UCLA football and basketball this year.

Gulls…Will be interesting to see what they do in goal this year. Last year’s starter, John Gibson, became the parent Anaheim Ducks starter. Then veteran Anton Khubodin, who drove them into the AHL playoffs, signed with the Boston Bruins. Ex-Montreal goalie Dustin Tokarski, coming off a knee surgery is under contract, but they need more, unless they are bringing back veteran Matt Hackett.

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