1-Man’s Opinion Column–Monday “You’ve Got Chargers Questions-I’ve Got Chargers Answers”

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“You’ve Got Chargers Questions…I’ve Got Chargers Answers”


People amongst us have questions about another troubling Chargers season.

Q…What cannot this team win close games?
A…They are (3-11) in the last year plus in games decided by a TD or less since opening day 2015. There are so many young players on the roster, so many backups due to injury, the quality of the roster does not carry with it great game-day experience. Aside from QB-Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates, where is there true experience on the roster?

Q…What happened in Indianapolis?
A…They got mugged at the line of scrimmage on boths sides of the ball. Indy’s defensive front won the battle in the trenches, which is why the Bolts had just (37Y) rushing, and they harrassed Philip Rivers into a day of uneven passing. He lost his footwork at times as the pocket moved. He made 5-poor passes, and was hurt by 5-drops, and some costly penalty flags.

Q…What happened to the run defense?
A…They got mugged, blown off the line of scrimmage, and the linebackers could not get off blocks, especially in the first half. And this from an Indy team many viewed as soft.

Q…What’s going on in the secondary?
A…Injuries are wearing the back end down, and there’s little experience behind the starters. TY Hilton torched Jason Verrett and then he got nicked up. Brandon Flowers cannot cover much anymore. The safeties did not make big plays. Casey Hayward looks excellent as a ballhawker, but the loss of Addae is damaging.

Q…What do you make of the linebacking?
A…Disappearing act by Jerry Attaochu, not much for four quarters from Melvin Ingram. If I see the inside and strong side backes cannot cover receivers, tight ends, crossing routes, what do you think these offensive coordinators see on tape. The linebacker coverage thru all 3-games has been horrible.

Q…Andrew Luck the exception to the rule?
A…He held up to the bloitz,. They called 26-blitzes and sacked him just twice. He escaped, moved the pocket, found hot receivers. Disappointing the Chargers did not back out of the blitz and drop more into coverage and force Luck to hold the ball longer.

Q…Another injury-how bad?
A…Pretty bad for Mantei Te’o, in that it is an Achilles, and there is no experience behind him, not Jataious Brown, who can run but cannot cover; Josh Perry, who is not ready; and Jerry Dzubnar-more special teamer than anything else.

Q…Is Mike McCoy’s job in jeopardy?
A…He must not think so. There did not see much urgency in the postgame press confernce yesterday. Did not seem panic has set in. The Chargers are suffering from a thousand paper cut wounds, with so many injuries, because there is no experience behind the starters. Bill Belicheck, who wins all the time, seems to cope with it. Mike McCoy, who has not won much recently, cannot seem to overcome all the adversity.

Q…What happens next?
A…Home cooking helps with the Saints coming in. What does not help is facing Drew Brees, who will throw and throw and throw. Maybe a (39-35) game at the Q. We knew the front 8-games would be hard.
The Bolts are (1-3), could have been (3-0), but they are not a complete team by any stretch of the imagination.

Q…Do you think a Chargers winning season or losing year impacts the Stadium vote?
A…Absolutely not. There are too many political agendas downtown, and too many unanswerd questions for this to pass. That coupled with the fact Dean Spanos has no political currency after he allowed Mark Fabiani to use a scorched earth poolicy for nearly a year as the City-Country tried to put together a Stadium package at the Q.

Q…Is Los Angels still an option?
A…On paper yes, but in the real business world, absolutely not. Spanos missed the boat on the move. The Rams own the LA market, emotionally, and financially now.

Q…What happens then if it is a ‘no vote’.
A…A year from today, the Chargers are negotiating some package for a new stadiium at the Q.



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