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He lied then, lied thru the entire process, and has been caught in another lie at this very late hour. It seems to be a way of life for him..

The Pete Rose saga has spilled out again onto Main Street-Cooperstown, home of the Hall of Fame.

26-years after he was exposed for addictive betting on baseball, we find out now, thru a legitimate paper trail, not rumor and hearsay, that Pete Rose was placing bets on his Cincinnati Reds and other major league games, while he was player-manager of the Reds.

It just wasn’t when he managed the Reds in 1986. It was more than presented in the Dowd report, that led to his lifetime suspension from the game.

Now thru ledgers of his gambling friend Michael Bertolini, who had links to the mob on Long Island City, New York, we find out, Rose was placing bets on Reds games, while he was a leadoff hitter, while he was playing lst and 3rd, while he was managing and playing, from 1984-85-86.

Unsealed documents this week,uncovered by ESPN, in another gambling court case, provide all the data. How much he bet, on which Reds game, on other major league games, and on other sporting events.

No longer can Rose dictate nor describe the narrative. It’s not that he was just betting on the NBA or the NFL. It’s not just that he was betting on other baseball games. It was not just that he bet on the Reds to win. It was all the above.

Now his latest lawyer says Rose wants to go forward and have a full meeting of his history, infront of new Commissioner Rob Manfred. I am sure there will be some long explanation-excuse.

That being said, Cooperstown can be for great players, regardless of whether they were superstars, racists, drunks, womanizers. From Ty Cobb to Cap Anson, Babe Ruth to Hack Wilson, and alot in between, there are all types of issues of some whom have plaques.

But of course, none from the steroid era have been voted in, while on the ballot. And Rose has yet to be placed on the ballot, until baseball decides on his reinstatement.

It may not be the popular thing to say-write, but I put Rose in the Hall for his playing accomplishments. They have put Rose’s memorabilia on display there in the tiny shrine in upstate New York.

I’d have a tough time letting him give an acceptance speech. I would not allow him to work for a ballclub. A tough call on whether he should be involved in any baseball promotions. I don’t want to hear anything that he says.

The latest revelation is just an addendum page to his wrong doing. He didn’t throw games, or impact the outcomes that we know of. Somehow you have to honor the legality of his basehits, his playing style, and his persona, even if you dislike the person.

His statistics are his legacy, much like the lies he has told for decades. It still does not take away from what he did on the field. Let the fans decide about him, once they see his plaque, and read his stats.

At least baseball would be truthful in honoring the greatness of the player, even though there seems to be little greatness about the person.

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