1-Man’s Opinion Column-Thursday “Explain this Padres Team to Me”

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“You need to explain all this to me”


So here we are watching lst place play last place and we get this result. The Padres sweep a doubleheader from the Cubs.

Those Cubs, who entered this series with a (24-6) record. The Cubs, who were mauling people in games, with those booming big bats. The Cubs, with the brightest collection of young draft pick talent and good acqusitions on the roster. Chicago with a power pitching rotation.

These were the Padres doing this, sweeping a twinbill at stunned and chilly Wrigley Field.

The Padres, shutout 8-times already this season. San Diego, shellshocked by all these leg injuries to their infielders. The Friars with half a roster full of utilitymen.

Drew Pomeranz has been a suprise. For a guy found wanting in Cleveland-Colorado and Oakland, he has become rock solid in the rotation. That big bending curveball, the location, the tenacity on the hill. Who could have seen this coming?

Brett Wallace may be a 4-A player, good enough at AAA, but just not complete a player at the major level, till now. He made himself a roster spot by putting up 14-pinch hits off the bench last year. This year, they’ve asked him to play 1st-2nd-3rd and in the outfield. He’s butchered a few balls, but he’s made some amazing plays.

Alexi Ramirez left the White Sox under a cloud. Did ‘Father Time’ catch up to him. Thru the first quarter of the season, he’s made some dazzling plays at shortstop, lots of dazzling plays, so there is still some time left on the clock.

Wil Myers has taken to 1st base and now owns it. Matt Kemp is hustling like he has not hustled in a couple of years going back to his hilite season at Dodgers Stadium.

Fernando Rodney shoots bows and arrows into the sky and has 10-saves a quarter of the way into the season.

Colin Rea pitches with some real grit, composure and intelligence, looking more like a veteran, than a young pitcher just under half a season in the majors.

This team has flaws; it’s a major injury away from being in a bad situation; it’s 1-and-2 pitchers have 1-win combined so far. You keep thiking a catastrophe is just around the next bad inning they have.

And yet they play hard, they believe, and they have not fallen on hard times despite the hard times the roster is experiencing. San Diego is not Minnesota nor Atlanta, and look where the Twins and Braves are in the standings.

It’s a surprise so far, though lots of baseball is still to be played. Sometimes it’s hard to believe this is the same team that lost 3-in a row to start the season, by a (25-0) score to the Dodgers.

We’ll take it because we don’t know what the future months are going to be.

Do you believe what you see? The Cubs probably cannot believe what hit them last night.

Looking for explanations how last place could beat first place in a twinbill with all the odds against them.


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