1-Man’s Opinion Column-Thursday “HMS-Chargers-Is Ship Sinking”

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“HMS-Chargers-Is Ship Sinking”


You won’t find them talking about it. They are not going to put out any press release. No, never would they ever want to be quoted about it either, that being a negative.

They being the San Diego Chargers, who have enough negative wrapped around them, that the odor around the franchise is like that of a garbage dump.


They keep losing coaches off Mike McCoy’s staff, the ones that were not fired that is and now those electing to get out.

If you are keeping score at home, you will recall they fired their Special Teams coach at mid-season in the wake of the shocking punt return stat, They were averaging (0.1) yards per punt return, after having given veteran Jacoby Jones a nice free agent contract. They got rid of him too.

Then just hours after McCoy had praised his staff for holding the team together in the downward spiral of a (4-12) season, he jettisoned 7-more assistant coaches.

Gone before they even closed the Media Center offices, were offensive and defensive line coaches, the offensive coordinator, and others.

In the week since, the love-me-love me not day, more assistants vacated, including highly regarded veteran linebacker coach Mike Nolan, and now young assistant DB-coach Greg Williams.

Maybe the fans won’t miss Frank Reich or Joe D’Allesandris, Don Johnson or Nolan, but these were long term respected coaches, blown out in what many term scapegoat firings.

They’ll be replaced by other veterans, who lost their jobs. Ex-Vikings OL coach Jeff Davidson comes on board, as does DL-coach Giff Smith. Some with good credentials, others because of past working relationships with McCoy.

You wonder, with McCoy having been given a 1-year extension, how tough it is to hire good quality assistants, on a team in limbo (San Diego-or-LA), on a staff with a head coach, whose career record is plunging (10-losses-15 games)

It seems odd McCoy has elected to do this, since his GM-Tom Telesco denied the head coach was ordered to axe assistants. Play the blame-game.

Maybe the landscape of the NFL has changed. The Colts kept Chuck Pagano but blew out 7-assistants also last week.

Usually head coaches are pretty loyal to the staff they hired. But not here in San Diego, not now with Mike McCoy.

HMS-The Good Ship Chargers seems to be taking on water. Man the pumps, and have the head coach go down with the ship. No.

Mike McCoy elected to throw bodies (assistants) overboard, to keep the ship afloat, and keep his head coaching job.

So now he has virtually a new staff. Just wondering,why? Just wondering, is that an iceberg dead ahead?



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