1-Man’s Opinion Column-Thursday “Questions Worth Asking About an Angry America”

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“Questions Worth Asking”


Writing about things off the top of my head.

Hate to see, everytime I turn on network TV, another story of the shooting of an innocent person by an officer. It’s cheap to say ‘trigger happy’, because you are not standing there in the officers shoes, and don’t know what has just transpired. The athlete of today can stand up and speak out, and have a right, but those are just words. Cam Newton, Colin Kaeperneck and others have a right, but what can they do next after speaking out?

The 49ers quarterback, a product of a bi-racial marriage, has put his money where his mouth is with the funding of two foundations to serve troubled families in San Francisco-Oakland. Any other player done anything like that? Though I was bothered about him wearing socks, with a pig design wearing a police officers hat. Offensive?

Is this not the best solution you have heard coming out of Denver. Police meeting with Broncos LB-Brandon Marshall todiscuss the so-called racial incidents there, then inviting Marshall to come on a “Ride Along” for a full day and night to see what police experience. Also inviting him to attend one of their training sessions, to see how police are prepared for confrontation situations. Wouldn’t it help if police in every city extended the same invitation to an athlete to experience this, and then speak out after the fact about what they learned?

Is it me, or did I miss it? Have you seen any white athletes take part in a National Anthem statement before any NFL games?

Has anyone seen anyone in baseball take a public stance?

Ever heard anything so stupid as Columbus Blue Jackets coach and Team USA boss saying if any of his players sit for the Anthem, they’d be sitting for the game? That’s open minded isn’t it?

Which NFL team will decide, as a true show of unity, to all kneel or all raise their fists during an anthem. That would be a true statement wouldn’t it?

The NBA will likely be the one to have a team-wide display of unity, but am still waiting for Carmelo Anthony to follow thru on his idea of a meeting with President Obama, as to what athletes en-masse can do to deliver a message to the population?

Can anyone explain to me what the value is of rioters burning down portions of their own cities and destroying their own businesses in their neighborhoods? From Ferguson, Missouri, last summer, to Charlotte, North Carolina last night, what is to be gained from torching your neighbors?

In response to all the killings in Chicago comes this tidbit. 400 police officers have been killed in the line of duty and 1,110 wounded, doing their job, since the beginning of 2015. Wonder if any NFL players care to comment on that? Black lives matter-they do, but so do officers wearing blue, doing their job, don’t they?

I fully understand the message. I don’t understand the method. Do you?


I invite you to respond via my comment panel. Tell me what you think.


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