1-Man’s Opinion Column–Thursday “West Coast Bias-East Coast Idiocy”

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“West Coast Bias-East Coast Idiocy”


The Pro Football Hall of Fame ballot is out, and it contains 94-candidates up for consideration in the February vote at next year’s Super Bowl Festivities.

There’s a strong San Diego flavor to that list, highlited by running back LaDanian Tomlinson, eligible for the first time. If there ever was a slam dunk candidate, it has to be the Chargers running back, for all the yards, the touchdowns, the thrills he gave Chargers fans, and at the tail end Jets, fans.

The numbers are staggering, (13,684Y) rushing…145-touchdowns. Add in his playoff totals, he goes to Canton with (14,152Y-151TD) on the ground. Oh, by the way, when he wasn’t running around people, he was catching the balls too (624Rec-17TD), and with playoffs added, he finished with (649-Rec-18TD).

Just think of this 5’9 mighty mite, doing this with the Marty Schottenheimer playbook. He wound up with 14,801-all purpose yards, and 169-touchdowns. Can you say 1st time entrant, and maybe even near unanimous?.

John Lynch, the San Diego product, was a different type of safety. He was not the physical force presence of Ronnie Lott, or the roughhouse type of Steve Atwater. He was an intellect, trustworthy, tough, competitive. He gets votes, just don’t know if he gets in despite the fabulous run with Tampa Bay then Denver.

Don Coryell remains on the ballot, but competition is so tough in the coaching category. He’s linked up with people who won Super Bowls, like Mike Holmgren, Jimmy Johnson and Bill Cowher.

You’d wish Coryell was in the ‘contributors group’, only because his 100 plus wins in the NFL pale in comparison to others. And because despite having Dan Fouts, he never go tto a Super Bowl. Sadly the creativness and the 100 plus wins he had at small college San Diego State does not count either.

You’d wish he was in the other category, for he was to modern day passing attacks, what Bill Walsh became and was Sid Gillman was. An architect. A mad scientist. A student of the game. He changed offenses during the Air Coryell era, and he forced clubs to change defenses.

Alas he won’t get in nor will Bobby Beathard, the GM, who put the Chargers in the Super Bowl, but more importantly, designed Super Bowl teams too for the Redskins, Dolphins and Chiefs. He meant so much to so many people, but modern day voters don’t seem to recognize that, sadly.

The list of 94 will be cut to 25, and then discussions will take place come Super Bowl week. Fearful too many people with East Coast traits, haven’t paid attention to the West Coast greats we had the pleasure of watching here.

We know how special this San Diego contingent was in the NFL. Too bad they can’t get a plaque in Canton, but they will always have a place in our hearts.


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2 Responses to “1-Man’s Opinion Column–Thursday “West Coast Bias-East Coast Idiocy””

  1. Roger says:

    Hacksaw, you’re dreaming. Coryell doesn’t deserve the HOF, ever. Only in the homer dreams of SD media.

    • Lee Hacksaw Hamilton says:

      Does not belong as a coach…but as a creator of something that changed the league…why not?
      Why are you anti-everything “hater”

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