1-Man’s Opinion Column-Tuesday “Golden State-Oklahoma City-What Did You Expect?”

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“NBA Playoffs-Fireworks-Firepower”


Now the real games have begun in the NBA postseason.

Last night’s Golden State-Oklahoma City game was a sneak preview of what the entire series will be like, back and forth, 4-quarter sprint, firing shots, driving to the basket, little care about the other end of the floor. The Thunder pulled off a suprise win with their own brand of helter-skelter ball. Golden State wakes up this morning feeling they let one get away with careless clock management and wild-wild shots.

It’s like playing a video game. These two offenses, up an down the floor, no fear with the ball, no conscience either.

Golden State is so explosive, and it is not just Steph Curry, maybe the best outside shooter the NBA has ever seen, and that says allot when we watched Kobe Bryant, and before that Michael Jordan.

But the Warriors are more than just the 402-three point bombs that Curry hit this year, an NBA record in an NBA record (73-9) season.

It’s the streak shooting of the other big guard Klay Thompson. It’s the toughness of Draymond Green, willing to play so many roles.

It’s the firepower you get off the bench from Andre Iguodala. Its’ the toughness on the glass from Andrew Bogut, and wave after wave of guys coming in as substitutes.

One night it’s Harrison Barnes providing defense. Another it belongs to floor leader Shaun Livingston. A Leandro Barbosa sighting is followed by points.

Golden State has every base covered.

Oklahoma City, was, and still is just Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. That’s fun to watch, but that’s not enough.

Serge Ibaka is their defensive specialist, and the Thunder gets toughness from Enes Kanter and journeyman Steven Adams.

But they don’t have the depth and numbers, nor the athletic breed that is spread across that entire Golden State bench. And I think OKC ownership and basketball leadership has let Durant-Westbrook down.

This is a third year together in a playoff run, and it will likely end here, because the front office failed to give their stars additional firepower and personality help.

Oh this will be fun. The Splash Brothers are combining to average 54-points a game for the Warriors. Thunder and Lightning are scoring at 52-a game for Oke City. Those Warriors will shoot lots of threes and run the floor. The Thunder will try to make it a track meet.

Anybody for a bunch of 131-121 games? Defense optional? . That’s what we’re in for, and it’s going to be great for the Warriors. Just not good however for the Thunder.


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