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“Caught Stealing in Baseball-What About NFL”


Caught strealing, in the broadest sense of the term in baseball.

That’s how to describe what happened last night to the St. Louis Cardinals, and now we await sanctions against them.

Scouting Director Chris Correa, fired earlier this year, was sentenced to nearly 4-years in prison for hacking the scouting computers of the Houston Astros, months after the Astros hired new GM Jeff Luhnow, a former Cardinals front office exec.

Correa got entry into the confidential files Luhnow had set up for scouting, negotiations offers, health ledgers and personal Emails about trade reports and draft rankings. Information that was for “Astros eyes only” employees.

It was a borderline federal offense, and Correa was lucky the prison term was not stiffer.

In this era of ballclub espionage, I guess we can only wait and see if something like this happens in the NFL, where CIA-tactics are employed on a daily basis.\

Talking more than just about Spygate or Deflate-Gate on field issues.

You have to believe, with all the smark people employed by NFL clubs, that there is a computer hacker amongst their ranks, whose job is to ferret out information about competing teams.

Imagine the wealth of information stored in those data files, from game plans, to player reports, to contract information.

Yes the NFL has dealt harshly with cheats, just ask the New England Patriots. A franchise that has been tagged 3X-by the league office. Youdo remember the Bill Parcells-Bill Belicheck job swap? No one can forget the Patriots-Jets spygate caper. And of late, inflated footballs and coverups.

The Patriots lead the NFL in front office fines and draft pick sanctions.

Maybe the baseball Cardinals incident is a one time incident with a rogue employee, thought many doubt that. Not many can believe NFL front offices are clean either.\

Integrity of the game, utmost in importance. The Cardinals know that. Soemwhere down the road, we maybe find that out too about the NFL.

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