1-Man’s Opinion Column–Tuesday “NFL-QB’s-You Better Have One-Can You Get One”

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Here comes the NFL Draft.

And here comes the scramble to find the most important position player in the NFL, a quarterback, in a quarterbacks league, where offense is eveything, an defenses are always trying to catch up.

And NFL teams are always trying to find a way to find the right guy.

Sometimes is comes via a trade. Mention Brett Favre and you get smiles in Green Bay, and scowls in Atlanta. Mention Kurt Warner, and you think back to the Rams and their Super Bowl run. Depending on what day of the week it is, mention Eli Manning, and you get the importance of that Giants trade and the Super Bowl rings that followed.

The NFL draft can deliver greatness too. The modern day icon is Tom Brady, the 6th round draft pick with a chip on his shoulder.

But for every Brady, there are the failures, Vince Young, JaMarcus Russell, Johnny Manziel.

There are those struggling like Robert Griffin and Blaine Gabbert. There are those you are waiting for to blossom like Blake Bortels or Derek Carr or Ryan Tannehill…

Not everyone becomes Cam Newton nor Russell Wilson nor Ben Roethlisberger.

And now 48-hours before the draft, the quarterback quandry is there again.

Colin Kaeperneck wants out of San Francisco. What is his real value? I know his contract reads 13.9M this season. But what about the talent he showed early on? What about what has happened to him recently, injuries, feuds, leadership questions.

Houston is spending alot of money Brock Osweiler, he who won 5-games down the stretch, but got benched in Denver, and then let go when the Broncos refused to overpay him.

Yes there are ‘rent-a-vet journeyman out there, but Ryan Fitzpatrick, Josh McCown, Brian Hoyer, Mark Sanchez can only make you competitive up to a point, and then history repeats itself, not good enough to get you there.

There are no guarantees at the top of this draft board, despite the fact the Rams appear ready to select Cal Golden Bears star Jared Goff and the Eagles will then take North Dakota State’s Carson Wentz.

Who knows what happens beyond that?

The Saturday college stars you all recognize. Paxton Lynch of Memphis State; Connor Cook of Michigan State; Cody Kessler of USC; Kevin Hogan of Stanford; Dak Prescott of Mississippi State. Somewhere in all that mix, maybe there is somebody who becomes a solid star. But Saturday’s stars don’t necessarily become Sunday’s super stars.

Quarterbacks. If you got one (San Diego) you’re lucky. If you don’t have a quality one (LA Rams) you’re in trouble. You better get one and hope it’s the right one.

Thursday-Friday, days 1-2, rounds 1-2-3 are going to be fun to watch.

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