1-Man’s Opinion Column-Wednesday “A Surprise Financial Package on the Chargers Stadium”

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Sometime in the next 48-hours, the coalition that involves the Chargers and JMI will step up and announce their blueprint plan for the NFL Stadium-Convention Center Annex they want to build on the sol-called Tailgate Park-Wonder Bread-MTS land sight adjacent to Petco Park.

The estimated cost will be about 1.8B.  They will present language that will ask the Hotel Industry downtown, in Mission Valley, and in the city, to take their TOT-room tax from 10.5% up to 16.5%.  That money will be directed into the city coffers with the intent to turn it around and build the stadium.

The JMI-talking points include a 70,000-seat Stadium, big enough to not only host the Chargers and future Super Bowls, but also the NCAA National Championship game, a basketball Final Four amongst other huge events.

The package will include a sub-level parking garage for 1,040-cars.  It will involve a 225,000-square foot exhibition hall beneath the stadium field.  There will be an attached ballroom for big civic events, a tailgate park, and rooftop park, and a state of the art cover overhang.

There are so many questions that need to be answered before the JMI-Chargers group goes out on the street corners to try to gain 65,000-signatures to put this package on the November ballot.

What have government officials told them about needing a 50-plus-1 vote or a 66% vote?.

Will Kevin Faulconer and Ron Roberts change their stance, and offer a City-Count share of 350M to help fund the project?.

Will Corey Briggs withdraw his Convention Center initiative and promise not to use suits to stop the JMI proposal?

Will the NFL contribution of 300M be part of the funding?

Will Dean Spanos increase and add his families 350M into the funding?

Will the hoteliers go along with this, understanding a new hotel to be built as part of the JMI project, will compete for room bookings with them.

Will the hotel leaders in Mission Valley-Hotel Circle fight this?

Will the ritzy hotel leaders in places like LaJolla and Torrey Pines go against this because more competition for bookings happens?

Will JMI lead owner John Moores want a trade off-acquiring property at the Qualcomm sight for his part in helping downtown?

Where will the MTS sight move and how quickly can that happen?

Have behind the deals and options already been made to acquire the critical 11-parcels of non-city land needed for the project?

Will the Padres put up a fight in that a Chargers Stadium would directly compete with them for non-baseball events held now at Petco?

This is about politics and profits.  The economic well-being of the cities future.  A city and county trying to grow.  A baseball owner who always makes a profit in any venture.  An football owner whose reputation is ‘give it to me free’ because I am in the NFL.   And always, the political antagonists, ready to file lawsuits on anything-everything.  Add in the self-interests of hotel power brokers and their wants and needs.

For San Diego, 1-for all, all for 1, doesn’t really fit.  Especially when history tells us about alot of moving parts, and tons of hidden agendas, when people try to get things done.  The next 48-hours will clarify some things.  Then the public sales pitch to gather signatures, and then the November vote.

Waiting to hear and see the proposal.  Waiting to hear the reaction and see where the opposition comes from next.,


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