1-Man’s Opinion Column–Wednesday “Padres-The Next Bold Move to Make”

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“San Diego-A Cuban Missle-Sighting”


It’s going to happen, as sure as you having breakfast this morning, and the bold San Diego Padres leadership, needs to do something about it.

The rogue General Manager AJ Preller, who has spent freely, traded wildly, and hoarded prospects like they are gold, has the chance to be daring again..

Yasiel Puig’s name is going to appear on the waiver wire shortly. The Dodgers failed to work out a deal to move him by the Monday trading deadline. Now to move him, they have to put his name on waivers first, then can deal him. If a club claims him, LA can pull his name off waivers, and open trade talks with that club. If he goes thru waivers, not likely, and 29-other clubs pass on him, then LA can move him anywhere in a deal.

The Padres, who want to build with young players, can and should afford to take this gamble. Puig is owed about 2M for the rest of this season, 7.2M next year and 8.2M in the final year of his contract in 2018, all part of his original contract signed when he left Cuba. At age 25, there’s still lots of upside and time left on the Puig clock, for him to rally, him to grow, him to get more consistent.

You remember Puig, who made his debut in June 2013 at Petco. You remember the electricity in the air. He hit (.515) the first week in Dodgers colors. He hit (.409) that first month. He finished the season hitting (.319) with 19-home runs, and an amazing glove and arm in right field.

Puig has tailed off some. His averages have gone down each year, from (.319), followed by (.296-.255-.260). His mistakes in the field are still there. But so are the spectacular plays out in right. He has 12-errors in 4-seasons, but 35-assists, gunning guys down on the bases.

The maturity issues still loom, as do nagging injury issues. Is his diet right?. Can he manage his off field time and friendships better? What about the 5-different hamstring issues over the last two years?

A Padres front office thinks it has laid the foundation for the future. Can you imagine if you brought Puig here, as a bridge to the foundation, when it arrives in 2019?

AJ Preller and Logan White are dynamic people. White has long time relationship with Latin players, and with his past Dodgers track record, might be the right link to get to Puig.

Puig has been demoted to Oklahoma City, to refine his game. It’s just a way-station till they can move him.

Like having Corn Flakes in the morning, Puig’s name is going to be on the waiver wire shortly. As badly as this Padres season is turning out, they will likely be 4th or 5th in line to put in a claim, to say “let’s talk trade LA”. And why not. They did the Matt Kemp deal with that organization. They have lots of young pitchers they could use as trade bait.

Vin Scully called a young Puig, “wild stallion”. San Diego should see if they can get that bucking bronco, and ride him.

Preller has been bold so much in his two plus years leading this franchise. Do it again for an instant player upgrade, who still has untapped potential, or as Preller likes to say ‘ceiling’.

A Cuban Missle sighting in San Diego. Why not.


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