1-Man’s Opinion Column–Wednesday “What Were You Watching on TV?”

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“Were You Watching TV”


The Olympics are over, and there is a sense of a return to normalcy in television.

The networks are back to normal programming. The debut of new programs for fall are just around the corner. Here comes the NFL on TV, College Football, and Baseball”s postseason.

It was interesting to see what viewers in San Diego did, how they chose, what they watched.

With access to the Neilsen TV ratings, I chose last Friday night to do a cross-section evaluation of what viewers were watching.

NBC 7-39 (KNSD) had tons of coverage, and the NBC Network spread out all their coverage on their network of channels. NBC-Sports, CNBC, MSNBC and others picked up all types of specialty events.

Padres baseball (FSSD) presents a tremendous network quality broadcast from first pitch to last out, and has drawn strong ratings over the last couple of years, since Fox Sports San Diego took over the broadcasts. Their pregame shows are cumbersome, sometimes unwatchable, and seem to struggle for consisent quality of content. Being a near last place team hasn’t helped.

The Chargers games are on CBS-8 (KFMB), which does a local telecast of preseason games, and then carries the CBS-network feed when the Chargers are in regular season.

I broke down the Friday night viewing habits, into 3-time slots.

6pm hour….
Olympics-Track & Field…..22.0-share
Chargers-Arizona game…… 8.7-share
Padres Pregame……………..1.4-share

8pm hour
Chargers-Arizona gme………..10.2-share
Padres-Diamondbacks……….. 2.0-share

9pm hour
Olympics-Ryan Lochte story…32.0-share
Padres Postgame………………. 1.0-share

Don’t know what you were watching, but the sports fans and the general population were engrossed by Usain Bolt, the gymnasts and the swimmer, not so much watching backup players in an NFL game, or a battle for last place between the Padres-Diamondbacks.

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