1-Man’s Opinion Column-Wednesday “Words Cannot Describe”

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“Words Cannot Describe”







“Words Cannot Describe”
Pick a word to describe what you saw last night, when you watched Chargers Owner Dean Spanos at the NFL podium, an hour after his fellow owners voted not to accept his Carson project, but rather allow the Rams to move to LA and build a stadium at Hollywood Park.

Devastated. Angered. Betrayed.

It all fits this morning, the aftermath of Spanos’ failure to get done what he worked on for a couple of years, relocating his football team to Carson, in a state of the art stadium, shared with bitter rival Mark Davis and his Oakland Raiders.

This morning the Spanos family wakes up to the shocking reality, they can choose between going back to the negotiating table with the city of San Diego and it’s mayor, Kevin Faulconer, or take the NFL offer, and become possibly a partner or tenant with Rams ownere Stan Kroenke in Inglewood.

Think about the millions spent laying out the design, and conducting all the groundwork business for Carson. Think about the legal fees. Think about the hours and days lost.

And while they now face an NFL ultimatum, think too of all the damage Dean Spanos allowed to be done to his reputation, by conducting a ‘Scorched Earth” policy in his torch job of the Mayor, the City, the County, the CSAG group.

Where once Spanos had friends and business partners, he created enemies. Where the fans were once loyal to his leadership, remember the Super Bowl run and the playoff years, he now has a clientele upset he tried to leave, and gave us a (4-12) team as a parting gift.



Late in the evening, he sent a mass E-mail to season ticket holders, asking for their ‘patience’.  Imagine that.  Now he wants you to committ to him, seaosn ticket money for next year, after he showed his loyalty by trying to go to Los Angeles.

Yes, anything is possible, if they open talks with the Mayor, and come to the table they could have been at for four years, but how do you put aside what the man did, and what he stands for, typical greed.

What is he going to do about the financial challenges ahead? Alot of money will be made by whomever joins the Rams in Los Angeles. It could be the Chargers-if not-then the Raiders of all people, have the window to move in.

Can Spanos trust Kroenke to work a fair deal with him? Moving to LA as a co-partner, means Spanos must spend 800M, his share of the stadium, and pay 550M-in territorial fees. And there are skyboxes to be sold, corporate sponsorships, and tickets, lots of tickets, with PSLs attached to them.

Maybe all the friends Spanos thought he had in the NFL never existed. Maybe the secret ballot changed everything. Maybe the enormity of the NFL campus proposal was more alluring that building on a toxic waste landsight, where oil refineries dotted the Carson skyline.

It’s fair to say, ‘what goes around-comes around’ and Dean Spanos got what he deserved in LA because he treated San Diegol so badly.

At the end of the day, he should rue the day he acted the way he did to a city that has loyally supported the franchise thru lots of bad times, and a few good years, for 55-NFL football seasons.

I’m a big believer in body language, and what I saw, with Spanos standing stunned, looking like was about to collapse from the strain of all this.

The Chargers created this mess. Now they have to repair it. I believe they can, because the City and County want the team to stay. What is still worth debating, does anyone want Dean Spanos to remain as owner.

For a rich NFL owner, who thought he could control everything,and treat people anyway he wished, it appears he is paying a steep pricetag for how he acted.

He has never made himself available. He has become a recluse, even in his own stadium, where he was being booed. His public personna has taken a brutal hit by what he let his personal mouthpiece Mark Fabiani do.

Dean Spanos looks like he has become a ‘hostage’ in his own house, by how he has conducted his NFL business.

Devastated. Angered. Betrayed. Add 1-more word. Loser.




4 Responses to “1-Man’s Opinion Column-Wednesday “Words Cannot Describe””

  1. doug c says:

    looks like a man who worked his wealth beat a loser who inherited his wealth

    • Lee Hacksaw Hamilton says:

      Pretty Good Call on that one….If Chargers go to Inglewood-I project Spanos will try to sell within 2-years.

      • Lee Hacksaw Hamilton says:

        I believe that is end game….build value of team in LA market to 2B then sell, take the money and run…..he has a right to do that because it is his business…but owning a team is also a public trust.

    • Lee Hacksaw Hamilton says:

      Kroenke has value worth 12.8B….and owns NFL team..NBA, NHL, English Premeir League team, MLS team, Pepsi Center,and Hollywood Park property….Spanos net worth is 1.2B…..You tell me who is the power broker? That’s what NFL said too.

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