1-Man’s Opinion–Friday–10/16 “Padres-Cannot-Must Not-Miss on This”

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We’re watching baseball this weekend, the American-National League Championship series. We’re watching and wondering if the Padres are ever going to get there.
The General Manager, AJ Preller, has begun his search far-and-wide for the next leader of his troubled franchise.
He had 3-guys in his dugout this past non-playoff season. Bud Black, whom he inherited and fired, Dave Roberts, the interim one game manager, and Pat Murphy, the Tripla A-boss who was here asd the team plunged into 4th place.
Preller’s credibility is very much on the line now. He acquired all those expensive players, that did not work out. He dealt away a number of quality prospects for players, who did not make a difference..
And now he needs to hit a home run with the hire of his next manager. There are lots of guys out there to talk to. Preller may relish the ‘rogue’ identity he has developed in baseball, the stealth moves in the middle of the night, the daring deals etc, but if they don’t work out rogue becomes rotten and rancid.
Ron Gardenhire has to be the lead candidate. Ex-Twins manager, who worked wonders in a small market with bad ownership, accused of penny-pinching. He had 8-winning seasons in 13-years before his veteran players left for free agency.
He brings fire, an old-school mentality, and attention to detail. He deserves a second chance, and likely gets hired by somebody by November lst.
Phil Nevin has done everything asked of him, in the lower minors to Triple A, land finished last year at (81-63) at Reno. Do you know how hard it is to manage at that level with the revolving door of talent in your clubhouse. He won at Erie-Toledo and now Reno.
Baseball smart, a little old school, young enough to adopt sabermetrics. You put good bench coaches around him, it should be his time. He’s had 5-interviews in two years, and has Tony LaRussa’s stamp of approval.
Ron Washington has a track record, some good, some bad. Yes Preller knows him, and no, you cannot ignore the off field stuff that led to his leaving Texas. I close my eyes and I see his glazed look in the Rangers dugouts during some awful posstseaosn losses. I can’t forget either the issues with substance abuse and the decision to walk away with problems with women. That’s a bit too much baggage.
Dusty Baker brings a world of experience and respect, but age, lots of age..
Andy Green, Rick Sofield, are young an unproven. Preller cannot afford to have somebody learning on the job.
Dave Roberts has certainly plied his trade, is loyal as the day, and knows the game, as a player, coach, and then bench coach.
Mark Kotsay could be the next Mike Matheny, just retired, but can you take that risk.
Other names will surface, but if you have a proven commodity who has won at this level, why not Gardenhire? If you want, but proven, why not Nevin?
The top two are seemingly about to get hired. Why not here?
For Preller, some will call it a do-over, a 2nd chance to get it right, but I call it the last chance to rally this flailing franchise, and regain his credibility..

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