1-Man’s Opinion-Friday—9/25 “Ain’t America Great”

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Sitting and waiting for this weekends NFL games, and thinking about all those players who got in trouble last year.

He’s their hero in Minnesota, the power running back Adrian Peterson, back on the field running over people, a year after getting a paid vacation after he was arrested beating his 4-year old son with a stick.

Root and cheer for one of the best the NFL has seen since the greatness of Emmett Smith and the Dallas Cowboys. Pay no attention to the egregious action.

Some system the NFL Union employs too. Player gets arrested, gets disciplined, gets to go before a hearing, gets the sanction reduced.

Oh by the way, Peterson was paid nearly 7M while he sat out 15-games last year, while the case was adjudicated.

Root for the star running back, child beater

In Dallas, they are a week away from the return of pass-rusher Greg Hardy, finishing up his 4-game, reduced NFL suspension, thank you Union too.

Hardy sat out last year while the on-going court case involving his then girlfriend weaved its way thru the court system. You do remember the case, Hardy choking his fiancée, throwing her on a bed that was full of firearms, threatening to use one on her, to end her life.

Nice story, nice relationship, probably a nice payoff too, for her not to testify in court.

He was never convicted, though that does not mean it never happened. And while he sat out the entire season, he was paid 13M of his salary for his paid leave.

In Baltimore the phone has not yet rung for Ray Rice, convicted of the knockout punch via video, involving his future wife. He was suspended, then released, then went to court and won a chunk of his salary back.

Teams in need of a running back haven’t called him yet. It probably doesn’t have as much to do with the punch or the video, but rather diminishing skills of a 30-year old player.

But then again, he got money, and he served little time in the court of law.

It doesn’t matter in the NFL. Good players, bad actions, you still get the chance to play for pay, regardless of how hideous the crime. Waiting for the next incident to occur, with the likely same outcome.

Like Boxing Promoter Don King said back in the day, “Ain’t America great”?





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