1-Man’s Opinion-Monday–10/5 “Heroes and Hurt Players”

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Adversity is part of the NFL.  Overcoming adversity is what separates a win from a loss.

Example-the San Diego Chargers.

What could go wrong did go wrong.  And then it got worse.

End result-the Chargers (30-27) win over the troubled Cleveland Browns.

Philip Rivers overcame it all, and Cleveland quarterback Josh McCown almost did too.

Rivers, playing behind 3-backup lineman, survived 6-horrible plays, sacks, and an offense of (-9) yards to start the game.

The coaching staff changed everything, and saved the quarterback, and his beatup offensive line by going no-huddle, then no-huddle spread.  It was the beginning of the end for the Browns.

But Cleveland’s quarterback stood equally as tough.  The Chargers blitzed McCown 29-times in the game, sacking him four times, knocking him down 10-more times.  It was a show of courage and leadership from the Browns.

Everytime you thought the Browns were about to take control of the game, someone stepped up and made a play.  Danny Woodhead bailed Rivers out of a jam, by running an underneath route off a blitz, catching a pass, and gaining 62-yards.  Moments later a TD.

Later on, in trouble, Donnie Inman hauled in 69-yard catch and run, and a TD came shortly thereafter.

Keenan Allen caught a perfectly placed 37-yard TD pass that dropped out of the sky on the sideline in the endzone.

Josh Lambo kicked two long field goals, then given a chance after a Cleveland penalty, hit the game winner with no time left on the clock.

It was a war of attrition too.  The Chargers were down to 2-wide receivers in the second half, when concussions took out Malcom Floyd and Stevie Johnson.  And Brandon Flowers went down with a head injury too.

It was not pretty, but it was a win.  Maybe it saved the season, for San Diego might not have recovered had they lost and fallen to (1-3).

The Browns had chances, but kept taking penalties, and their defense wilted too.  They did not survive this one, and it could be devastating for a team trying to find itself.

On this day, they were hurt and heroes surfaced for San Diego.

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