1-Man’s Opinion-Monday-12/21 “Chargers-A Win as We Lose”

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“A Win as We Lose”

It was a flashback Sunday. Lots of Powder Blue in the Stadium. Fans wearing Christmas gear. People carrying sings.

The Chargers piling up more than 400-yards in offense. The defense getting after it.

It was the farewell game, a win, to what has been a miserable season. Luckily for the Chargers, the Miami Dolphins are in a state of disrepair, so it was a struggling team beating a really bad team

Philip Rivers survived sacks and hits to throw for over 300-yards. Danny Woodhead put on a show, catching and running for 4-TDs.

Antonio Gates reached back and caught a bunch of passes, and Melvin Gordon chugged for yardage before getting dinged.

The defense brought the heat to overwhelmed quarterback Ryan Tannehill. The Dolphins patchwork offensive line, lost its top two players, Mike Pouncey and Brandon Albert, and it was disaster time from that point on.

These players and coaches work too hard not to get positive results. For just the second time in 10-weeks, they celebrate a victory Monday.

But in the end, it is still a lost season. They are still attempting to move to LA. The Chargers have only beaten the downtrodden this season in getting fo 4-wins
It was heartwarming to see Mike McCoy call timeout with a minute left, so Antonio Gates, Eric Weddle and Malcom Floyd could all come off the field to ovations.

Who knows where we go in the next three weeks, in terms of an NFL vote. Everyone has an agenda, from Dean Spanos to Stan Kroenke.

There were surpises. Spanos did not go on the field at the stazrt of the game. His wife and son went down.

CBS-TV’s broadcast team kept making comments about “Chargers last home game possibly forever, but never gave details. I’m sure fans in Boston, or Chicago, Seattle or Miami don’t know much of the details, whose the villian, how it got to this point.

Maybe they didn’t know, maybe they were told not to put anyone in bad light, not the owner, not the mayor, not the NFL.

On field anlayst Scott Kaplan, my former teammate could have made some strong comments about the history of bad governmental leadership and the state of bad Chargers ownership, but he must have been muzzled on Sunday, though he talks about it Monday-thru-Friday.

It was an emotional McCoy, who hugged the soon to be departing players. Rivers got choked up talking about the long road he, Gates, Floyd and Eric Weddle have traveled.

For 3-hours we enjoyed the game, as it used to be at Qualcomm. By late evening, we were dealing again with the reality, ownership greed, and the discourteous way the Chargers have treated the fans

A win is better than a loss in the NFL, but the city still appears to be about to lose its franchise. We can feel well about all the great memories those players gave us, but we cannot feel well about what is just ahead.


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