1-Man’s Opinion-Monday –9/27—“Game of Blame”

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We’re only three games into this NFL season, and their are ominous signs everywhere, this is not going to be a good year.

Yes, there are 13-games to be played, but the black cloud of injury is everywhere over the Chargers.  A chewed up offensive line, and a banged up defensive secondary.

No pass push,  seldom true pressure, and a shopping cart defensive line, pushed all over the field.

Add in a battered-beat up quarterback, and you get a sense of desperation, and we are not even to October yet.

The battering in Cincinnati has been followed by a bludgeoning in Minnesota.  The issues of much of last year, no run defense, and less pass rush, are even worse now.

And Philip Rivers, who had rib-chest and sternum problems from hits last year, has been blasted, so much so, the big “Oak Tree” of a quarterback almost didn’t get up yesterday after an Anthony Barr blitz up and the gut and hit to the shoulder.

Mike McCoy knows he has huge issues to deal with, and though he won’t say it, he must think it.  “What was my General Manager doing this offseason, making this defense younger, not drafting more buok upfront, and what did we buy in offensive line free agency?”

Tom Telesco could have used his 2nd round pick on a bulk defensive tackle, like the kids playing in Miami and Minnesota.

He could have drafted an offensive lineman, who can play in the third round.  He didn’t need more special team gusy,  but rather guys who could be impact players.

I just get the sense, Telesco’s San Diego blueprint, is much like the one the Colts operated under during the Peyton Manning era.  Star quarterback, find some skill guys, and hope for the best at many of the other spots.

They got to a Super Bowl and that was it.  You cannot confuse, even with Rivers at the helm, that this team could ever consider themselves a Super Bowl team.  Not with the youth, the lack of depth, and now hurting people everywhere.

Sure there are lots of games left on the schedule.  Do you think the Chargers will have enough players on the roster to make a run this season?  Do you think Rivers can survive this season, with the amount of hits he’s already taken just 3-weeks into the year?

Everyone has an opinion, and the growing one here is Telesco hasn’t done a good enough job.  (1-2) with a quarterback who almost didn’t get up off the ground, should be the red-flag sign there is trouble brewing at Chargers Park.

That’s more on the GM than the coach and his players.



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