1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Column-Wednesday. “Chargers Fans-You’ve Got Mail”

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“You’ve Got Mail-Chargers Fans”


They want a makeover-do-over on how it all ended, this Chargers organization does.

They want to make things right for the fans they left behind. All this in the aftermath of all the mis-steps made by the Spanos football family.

You know, leaving at night, never holding a press conference with the San Diego media. Issuing a 4-sentence press release to one and all, including the Mayor, who came up with money to finance a stadium.

And then as a parting message to their longtime season ticket holders, this. The Chargers sent out a letter, postmarked January 12th, the night they were informing the NFL they were moving.

They told season ticket holders why they leaving, saying their wanted loyal fans to be the “first to know”. And then they ‘mailed it”.

Mailed it, via the postal service. Fans got the letters in the mail, delivered by a faithful carrier, on Saturday the 14th, or Monday the 16th, the US postal service being what it is.

So much for first to know.

Of course, this was followed by mis-steps in LA.

The bogus pep rally press conference, the coaches press conference at the Carson Stub Hub soccer stadium with noise on the field behind them. The hiring of people to act as fans at the Forum. The limited Emails to season ticket holders to attend. On and on and on.

And now the Chargers have reached out to the fans again, even those who were season ticket holders at Qualcomm Stadium. Mailing out season ticket prices at the Stub Hub center.

Get ready for sticker shock.

The Chargers will charge more for their tickets than the Rams with all that heritage in the LA market.

You can buy a 50-yard line seat, for the close up experience, as AG Spanos calls it, for 375-dollars a ticket. That’s some 100-plus more than what you paid in San Diego. You can sit in the end zone to see the LA Chargers for 70-dollars, a shade higher than the 40-price here last year to see Philips Rivers throw TD passes.

So the Bolts last place team will cost you 375 in the best seats in the house. The Rams price last year in LA for their best seat, was 225-dollars.

You could see Jared Goff and the no TD offense last year, sitting in the LA Coliseum end zone for just 40-dollars. In Carson, you might see a TD or an interception, in end zone seats for 70.

At least the 1st family of football, as the Spanos’ call themselves, are consistent. It always has been about a money grab, here, and now up there.

When you go to the mailbox, you might get a bill…you might get an ad…you might get a Time Magazine….or you might get junk mail.

Just be prepared, if you were a Chargers fan, you’ll get some sticker shock, with the team’s new season ticket prices.

And that by the way, does not even include the price of gas, nor the aggravation of navigating the 5–405 on gameday, nor the 5-hours on your hiways-biways of Southern California.

They will throw in the Sunday experience of smog in Carson. No charge for that.

You’ve got mail. What will Chargers fans in San Diego, do with it, with the return postmark reading Los Angeles Chargers?


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