1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Friday “49ers and QB-Gone Off the Deep End”

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“49ers and QB-Gone Off the Deep End”


The San Francisco 49ers thought they had it all, a perfect fit, a creative coach, and a dynamic quarterback.

Guess they were wrong.

Chip Kelly inherited a mess, and hasn’t made it any better. The 49ers entr play this weekend with a (1-11) record, half a roster, and a half-baked quarterback.

Kelly has a horrible team. What he is doing with his schemes, worked at Oregon, but haven’t worked in Philadelphia, and definitely don’t work in San Francisco.

Once upon a time, Colin Kaeperneck was viewed as something special. Not so any more, not on the field, nor now, off it either.

Kaeperneck got benched Sunday after going (1-5) passing for 4-yards and took 5-sacks. The last time I saw those numbers was when Ryan Leaf melted down in the rain in a Chargers-Chiefs game years ago, something like (1-15) for 4-yards and 3-turnovers.

The quarterback continues to play poorly on a really bad team, and continues to open his mouth.

Did he take a QB-hit on Pearl Harbor Day, when the Head of the Pacific Fleet, in a speech at the Arizona Memorial, honored the last of the living survivors, and those entombed by saying “You can bet the men and women we honor here today, who died on this fateful morning 75-years ago, never took a knee or failed to stand for the National Anthem.”

This is the same Kaeperneck who raised a huge issue in August about racial oppression, in the aftermath of “Black Lives Matter”, by sitting then kneeling, refusing to stand for the Anthem.

And the same Kaeperneck who ripped Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, saying you can’t make Ameirca great, because “America has never been great for blacks”.

The 49ers quarterback showed up at workouts wearing socks with a picture of a pig in a police hat.

And a week ago, he wore a tee shirt with the image of Fidel Castro, and pronounced how Castro did great things in Cuba, health and education. Guess he cut class at Nevada-Reno when they taught about the Bay of Pigs, political persecution, and murders.

Oh he has a right to say what he thinks, for it is a free country. But this oppressive country, protected by pigs, and saved by those who died in wars, has given him the freedom to say stupid things, play football, and make (11.6M) this year as a quarterback.

Wish he’d play better. Wish he’d shut up.

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