1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Friday “A World Scared-We All Should Be”

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“A Ticking Time Bomb–Among Us”


The great unknown is so scary.


We don’t know what causes it.  We don’t know who is carrying it/  We don’t know how to control it.

Our stock market is in a global plunge, down nearly 4,000-points in a 4-day span.

We have seen how bad it is in China, what’s happening in India.  What just happened in Italy.

It is on our door step, but we wonder where it will crop up next.

You have to be enraged that China’ doctors knew about this for 3-weeks, and did nothing till the virus spread like an oil fire.

The CDC is working round-the-clock to find a vaccine.  So are global experts everywhere o this planet.

The sports world is scared too.

The revelation the Red Sox quarantined a rookie pitcher they signed this winter from Taiwan, right after he arrived at spring training.  A 14-day hiatus in a single room in the hotel, which his meal served to him in private.  His only activity is long distance throws with a trainer.  There is no access to the team’s facilities for another week.

In China, the big money Chinese Basketball Association, suspended its schedule a week ago and will remain dark till at least April 1st.  Former NBA and college players, who dot all the rosters, are still in the country, working out on their own, but like everyone else, fearful of whom they come in contact with.

The Korean Baseball League will not start its season, scheduled for March 28th.  No games, no stadiums to be opened.

In Japan, where their leagues start on March 20th, the Nippon Leagues are discussing locking fans out of the stadium, and just having the teams play games, without fans.

Still to come, the status of the Tokyo Summer Olympics.  Who knows if this will be under control by then.  And by bringing together so many people from so many parts of the globe, how fearful are they of another outbreak.

President Trump, with opinions on everything, but limited knowledge of certain things, tries to downplay the seriousness of this, by saying there are only 15-afflicted in the US.  A day later a woman in California dies and no one knows where she got it from, for she was not a traveller.

In the US, at last count, 800-people were under observation and that number figures to increase day-by-day..

It has touched sports abroad, and you fear this virus will spread to touch other sports.  You hope it doesn’t arrive in the US, but no one knows where it came from, how to control it, how to end it, and where it spreads next..

A ticking time bomb around the world.  Life affected.  Sports might be next.  The virus is among us.


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