1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Friday “Antonio Brown–What Do You Think Now?”

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Antonio Brown–What Do You Think Now?”



So how do you like me now?

Antonio Brown plays his second game for the New England Patriots, seeking to make big plays in the Tom Brady led offense.

Things looking good on the field for the Patriots, once they get Brown and Josh Gordon up to speed in the 2019-version of the offense.

But off the field, not looking so good.

The NFL is privately continuing its probe of the allegations of rape and sexual assault filed by his former trainer.

They met for 10-hours with Britney Taylor this past Tuesday as the probe begins, and the NFL is not done for sure.

Now a second woman has come public, an artist, that she too was sexually abuse by the former Steelers star while painting portraits in his house.

But Brown’s problems are not just with those two women.

Now revelations that he is in the middle of 6-lawsuits, filed by people, who did business with him, but whom he stiffed in business deals.

Fraud allegations from a church charity.  Money owned on the purchase of properties  for business investments.

His personal chef, his personal travel agent and a secretary.

Of bigger concern, his two former girlfriends, who between them have given birth to five of his children.  They have claims and complaints too.

Child support issues in multiple cities.

Vandalism at condos he rented.

Reports that police in Pittsburgh came to his house 6-different times for domestic incidents.

And now he has lost 5-of his major endorsement companies tired of the stain from his act. Nike, Zenith, Pepsi, Pizza Hut and more have left his stable.

At Gillette Stadium, the only thing that concerns the Patriots are pass routes, yardage, touchdowns and wins.

Roger Goodall could change all that shortly by yanking him off the roster and putting him on the Commissioner’s Exempt List, which is likely the forerunner to a suspension.

It’s happened before for lots of different reasons, in all types of cases.  You know the names. , Ray Rice, Greg Hardy, Adrian Peterson, Ezekiel Elliott, Aldon Smith, Kareem Hunt.

Some came back to play, others never played again, some are still serving penalties.

So enjoy this weekends Pats-Miami game, for Brown might not be around much longer.

For someone who had it all, fame-fortune-friends, while in Pittsburgh, he could be about to lose much it.

He made 69M in salaries, but can’t-or-won’t pay his bills, take care of his kids, act like a human being.

The Antonio Brown story isn’t going away, not so much about he he does as a Patriots player, but what is about to happen to the person, who plays for the Patriots.




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