1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Friday “Aztecs–Backs to the Wall Game”

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“Aztecs-Backs Against the Wall”


It’s hard to understand how San Diego State’s football season could be in jeopardy, despite their (3-1) start

But it looks that way, feelsthtway, tastes that way right now,as the Aztecs get ready to head to Colorado State on Saturday.

The joy of the impressive win at UCLA has now been wiped away by home field loss to Utah State.

SDSU is still an unproven product on the field, especially the offense.  They struggled in the 6-0 win over 1AA-Weber State.  They dug themselves a huge hole in the Utah State setback.

Luckily for them Colorado State has its own set of problems,losing their passing star quarterback Collin Hill for the year,struggling on defense, and sitting at (1-4)t trying to save their season.\\

SDSU has the teeth of the schedule ahead of them, Wyoming, Fresno State, Hawaii and BYU. That’s why Saturday in Ft-Collins might be a must win game for both the Rams and the Red & Black.

Coach Rocky Long’s comments from his .weekly press conference:


..Our bye week was productive week, bye week, got lots of things done.
..Colorado State is very exploding football team.
..The Rams areaxthletic, explosive

..This is not a desperation game despite where we are in the conference.
..Players don’t like to practice without playing..they want to play a game.

..Rams present real issues for our defense..they are balanced
..They have two backs, run it well, and can throw it a lot.

..Worried about having to slow them down and not let the game get away.
…They jumped out infront of Utah State with turnovers-give offense momentum.

..Juwan Washington is making progress and might play Saturday.

..CSU has had turnovers bunches, and it makes a difference in your record.
..There were four turnovers in their game.

..Pay to Play proposal doesn’t kick in till 2023
..Expect it to change dramatically..

..NCAA Transfer portal…lots of players are transferring in.
..It has created a lot of situations no one expected for programs.
..Now kids supposed to redshirt-are applying to transfer-shopping themselves.


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