1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Friday “Aztecs Football–A Strange Season”

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“Aztecs Football–A Strange Season”


“Aztecs Football–A Strange Season”


Some football season.

The Aztecs, a disappointing (3-3)
Crowds of only 22,000 showing up in person at the shiny new Stadium

A rape investigation still not solved with SDSU former players
A raging quarterback controversy, at a position beset by injuries

A defense depleted by injuries and playing poorly because they have to play so much.

An offense that was ranked 131st out of 131-teams in Division 1 for much of the season.

Does SDSU really know who they are, 6-games into the season?  3-blowout losses.  3-wins against substandard teams.  A conference schedule still to be played.

Have they found a quarterback?  How is it Jaylen Maden has been in the program for 2-springs, 2-preseasons, and no one noticed this talent?

Is the defense worn out or hurt and can they comeback to be what they used to be, for their metrics are really substandard?

Maybe they find out more with these back to back road games at Nevada, then at Fresno State..

Lots of questions, a bunch of answers from this weeks time at San Diego State.

Tyrell Shavers-Wide receiver

..I was surprised at how well Maden..he played
..He got lost in the numbers the last two years
..Braxton Burmeister is really good athlete
..What he did his first day in practice
..I had to stay patient and had a good breakout game
..Love playing special teams-chance  to make more plays
..4-QBs in 6-games been hard…we’ve been thru alot
..Playing with lefthanded QB-ball comes out differently-spin is strange
..Team is nowhere close to where it should be
..QB leaves..starting QB hurt…Lose offensive coordinator
..We have to showcast all of our talent
..Brax-Jalen volunteering to switch positions shows they are not about themselves

Jonah Tavai-Defensive tackle

..Our team is work in progress..find our identity
..Fruits of labor showed Hawaii game and with bye week
..Our poor play, nothing to do with how many snaps we have had to play
..We have to stop the run-we have a high standard for rush defense
..Play with brother Justus..we breakdown films together..plays
..Defensive metric more surprising…we need to work on run stops-TD stops
..Jalen Mayden became a better player when he moved to safety
..Learned alot on defense and learned quickly and on special teams
..Brax-Mayden showed what character they had..


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