1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Friday. “Aztecs Football–Keeping an Eye on Chicago”

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“College Football–12 Team Playoff–Does It Work-Will it Help”


You are San Diego State, forever on the outside looking in.
You are Boise State, nationally recognized, but often shortchanged.
You are Central Florida, unbeaten but uninvited.

It has been hard being part of the Group of 5…the conferences who are always seeking limelight, often left out because they play in the shadows of the Super powers.

That could change by Friday night, after two days of NCAA meetings in Chicago

They are evaluating the new proposal put forth by the NCAA Playoff Committee, to go from 4-teams to 12-teams.

6-teams, all the top ranked conference champions get automatic bids.
6-other teams get invited as at-large teams.

If the Aztecs went (12-0) and won the Mountain West title, and were highly ranked, they could get a guaranteed spot.  If a Cincinnati or a South Florida did the same, and were ranked, they could be one of the six at large teams.

For the first time there is truly and entry way for the teams from the Mountain West to the Mid American to the AAC and others to get a true opportunity.  Of course SDSU would have to pretty much run the table in the MWC to be part of the party.

So as the NCAA meets for the second day in Chicago, this sure seems like a true opening to what has been a closed party in recent years.

There are 5-power conferendes.  Their champs, based on rankings, get bids.  The 6th bid could go to people from places like Boise State, San Diego State, UCF, Marshall etc, if they have great seasons and play great schedules.

The 6-at large teams can come from anywhere.  Yes the SEC or Big 10 could gobble some of the slots up, but there are six opportunities.

The top 4-teams get byes in that first round.

The rest of the teams have a play in game…5-vs-12..6-vs-11…7-vs-10…8-vs-9…with the higher seed team hosting a game on campus.

The second round will be played at Bowl game sights.

The championship game will be a big party festival.

There is enormous money if you get to this party.  The value of the new TV contract for the 12-team playoff is set at 1.9B.  Break that down, it could mean Pac 12 schools could get 27M apiece if their team or teams make the field of 12.  The Mountain West breakdown would be 15M per school.  Think that does not have value on Montezuma Mesa or in Laramie?

So the formula is there, if the NCAA approves the proposal on Friday night.

The Aztecs can be part of the party, if Brady Hoke can find a modern day record setting quarterback, and then runs the table, something the Aztecs have done prior with Rocky Long.

New football stadium coming online in 2022.  Might also be the year the field of 12-goes to the playoffs.

The playoffs were so tiny and exclusive.  For the first time, the invitation list could get much bigger.  You have to earn it Aztecs.  Some hope better than no hope.

As good a chance as San Diego State has had to be with the big boys–ever.





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