1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Friday “Aztecs Football-Still Looking for Answers”

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Aztecs–Opening Day Coming….Are They Ready”


San Diego State is just two weeks away from the start of a ‘must-win’ football season, a year in which they have to rally back, and capture the imagination of a town and market they lost, after last season’s crash and burn finish to a (7-6) campaign.

Losing 5-of their last 6-games, getting whitewashed in a Bowl Game by Ohio, left a bitter taste in Coach Rocky Long’s mouth

He’s made 2-significant coaching staff changes, adding back Brady Hoke and hiring Ron Caregiver to handle key components of the offense and defense.

The off season program was a throwback to the era of very demanding 6am workouts, must more running, and a physicality that bordered on fanaticism.

Midway thru camp, Long talked about what he’s seen in camp.


..15 practices so far-making progress-not as fast as I want.

..Defensive front-still have questions…influx of new guys including JUCO transfers
..JUCOs are struggling with system
..Pleasant surprises new nose tackle-Cam Thomas
..Keshawn Banks starting for us at DE as a sophomore
..Brady Hoke-best DL coach ever been around
..Coaching path-players know all about him.
..He teaches techniques…knows physical training…motivational

..K-Matt Araiza has redshirted last year-enormous talent-field goals=kickoffs

..At least 7-new freshmen seem ready to play at this level..real talent wise
..Most impressive crew of freshman athletes ever had
..Won’t play unless somebody gets hurt

..Jacob Capra alternating at starting RT
..Joe Jimenez is with 2nd unit as OG
..I want 10-offensive lineman who can play

..Backup QB-no one stepped forward..it is a day-to-day
..No difference between Marc Salazar-Jordan Brookshire
..1-day they’re good…next day they are not
..Brookshire not being because he was with us in spring-knows offense
..Mark Salazer better than last year-but still not consistent
..It’s a challenge…read defenses…progressions…accuaracy

..JUCO defensive lineman really challenged…have to line up different spots
..We don’t play the same defensive front snap to snap
..JUCO players who were not here in spring

..CBs-disappointed..thought they’d be better considering where they came from
..Eric Wilson-Sammy Morrison…Transfer CBs-struggling

..RB backup battle…Chase Jasman-high ankle sprain
..Chance Bell had concussion
..Kaegun Williams-most consistent as backup

..Spread offense installation..nothing different is the formation
..Blocking schemes are easier for our players.

..Saturday scrimmage-looking for young guys to step up and prove themselves
..Next week in practice-young guys will scrimmage-though won’t play vs Weber State


QB-Ryan Agnew

..We are ready to hit-to play
..Feels different-every yer is new year…new guys to step
..Starting last year gave us great comfort zone
..My preparation isn’t any different…but I have leadership role
..Christian Chapm was my mentor…helped me grow
..Taking those experiences to pass them on to backup QBs
..We need to make chunk plays..convert in the rezone.
..We need WRs split wide to make plays…catch ball..get open..get on blocks
..WRs need to execute better every game.
..Ron Caregher’s package…definitely different…to change it my last year…
..Terminolgy is the same…but some calls different…
..My steps as QB are different…we need to adjust…
..We have a lot of plays in…
..In high school I was in shotgun..this is so different…speed..formations…

S-Taiq Thompson

..It takes time to learn his system and each position
..We had strong defense last year-lots of speed
..We must force turnovers…so we need better effort
..Trademark this year…get turnovers
..I feel like I must be a leader on this roster
..Brady Hoke arrival has changed things..tremendous help to DL
..Hoke-radiant personality



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