1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Friday “Aztecs-Old Ball Coach–New Era”

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“Aztecs Football–New Era-Next Head Coach”


It’s Brady Hoke’s ┬áteam now and again..

The ‘Rocky Long era completed a superb run when the longtime coach elected not to take an offer to remain on the Aztecs staff, and instead foot the Defensive Coordinators job at New Mexico.

Brady Hoke comments:

..Always exciting at end of recruiting class…
..Signed 6-on Wednesday to go with 12-early.

..Jaylen Amsted….Rushed for 1100…averaged 7.8YPC..big and tough runner
..Aaron Green…6’4-257-blocking tight end
..Sebastian Hernandez…Huge OT from Cerritos College

..We also signed 2-linebackers from out of state.

..18-total in the class…8-on offense…10-on defense
..Our needs suggested heavy in offensive line
..We needed young DBs…signed 6-of them

..Guys fit our profile….athletes…integrity…love for the game
..Thin year locally…only 2-signed…not as ;many Division 1-guys in the market
..Recruiting is life blood of the program…we have great relationship locally with schools
..Will agree we have a lot of local kids already here.

..Coaching change not make an impact …12-early signings stayed with us.
..We did not need immediate fixes so not many junior colleges.

..Will hold scholarship or two because of grad transfers.
..Jack Sears-good question to ask him-why he left
..New staff…alot of ‘getting to know each other right now’…6-weeks conditioning

..Coaches already meeting to talk about the terminology of learning 3-3-5 defense
..Learn what we will do in terms of coding-play calls-on offense

..The delivery of the product may be different, but our culture will be difference.
..Leadersnip will remain the same…meeting with each upper class

..New coordinators….Jeff Hecklinski-Kurt Mannix..great teachers..great track record…I hired them because they are good.

…Evaluate 2019 season…if team doesn’t score they can’t beat you.
..If you can’t score-tough time winning.
..Great combo of being physical-ground and pound offense…we will run 2-back and 1-back sets
..Jeff has thrown the ball well everywhere he has been.
..There will be a lot of little things we will look at …all the little things in spring camp important teaching
..Yes fans like seeing passing yards and all that…but what they like is ‘winning’
..We blitzed a lot because we had great playmakers
..We have 4-young QBs-they will all complete for the job…there is a blank slate to learn.

..There is a lot that will happen at different schools with transfer QBs..why we kept grants open
..We have 21 coming up in senior class..there will..there will be full allotment scholarships next year .

..We tried like hell to get Rocky Long to stay…but love him, except the 4-hours we will play New Mexico.
..It was lifestyle-family-football choice for him


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