1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Friday. “Baltimore Ravens-Watching QB History–Fearing QB History”

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“Baltimore–Watching History-Fearing History”


Lamar Jackson continues to dazzle on the field.  His Baltimore Ravens continue to win too.

The Ravens quarterback  is headed to the MVP award in the NFL.  He’s hoping to take his team to the Super Bowl too.

He has just blown by Michael Vick’s single season quarterback rushing record, and continues to pile up impressive ‘double-doubles’ , throwing for over a 100-yards and rushing for 100-yards in the same game.  It’s happened a lot.

His all purpose yardage numbers are staggering and so are his touchdowns and the TDs he is responsible for in the John Harbaugh-led offense.

He’s big, he’s agile, he’s tough, he’s dynamic.

You watch the Ravens offense and you understand how impossible it is to defense Jackson as both a runner and thrower.

Then they play power-ball with their two heavy duty running backs Mark Ingram and Gus Edwards.

They have what other teams wish they had, two pass catching tight ends  Hayden Hurst  and Mark Andrews.

You watch the Ravens at the line of scrimmage, see the formations, see the shifts, see the guys in motion.

Are they throwing the ball, running the ball, is it a tailback coming at you, or is it a pass out in the flat, a pass down the sidelines, a throw over the middle.

Is it a receiver, is it a tight end, is it a running back.

Or is it your worst fear, Lamar Jackson’s play fakes,and he coming off the line of scrimmage running the ball.

Dynamic and diverse, he the quarterback, they-that offense.

You marvel at his extra gear speed running the ball.  You are fascinated by the trickery by the formations they show you.  You understand how much he has improved in just one year throwing the ball.  His accuracy has rocketed.  He throws lakers, touch passes, bullets and rainbow bombs.

In the big picture, Baltimore looks like a Super Bowl team.

But you should be concerned too, because we see a big picture  of scrambling quarterbacks and what happened to them.

Michael Vick had a good career till father time caught up with him.

The last two scrambling QBs, who caught our fancy, both got hurt, hurt badly, and have not returned to what they were.

Robert Griffin III had a spectacular first season, then suffered knee injuries with the Washington Redskins, running the football.  He never recaptured his explosiveness.

Colin Kaepeernick did tremendous things with the 49ers, but people forget all the surgeries that took him off the field, before he became embroiled in the national anthem controversies.

The same now with Cam Newton, so explosive running for Carolina, suffered shoulder injuries and surgery, then this year, a foot injury, requiring second ending surgery again.

Lamar Jackson is headed to the end zone, likely to pick up his NFL-MVP award, and maybe even a Super Bowl lTrophy.  But one must worry that Jackson puts himself at risk by running as much as he has the past two years.

We’re watching NFL quarterbacking history, but we should fear NFL history too.

Guys like Lamar Jackson can wind up like RG3-or-Cam Newton, and that’s not a good look.


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