1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Friday “Big Stories-Big Despair “

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“Big Stories-Big Despair”


It should be a great sports weekend, and it probably will be around the country, but not in San Diego, not in the so-called ‘America’s Finest City’.

..San Diego’s North County Burns…

It’s Heisman Trophy weekend, and I wish they had given respect to the Aztecs once-in-a-generation do everything RB-Rashaad Penny, but he didn’t get invited.

..Houses-Buildings-the San Luis Reyes Horse Farm burn to ground.

It’s Army-vs-Navy, and a game that means so much to America dating back to the early 1900s. You respect the teams, both bowl bound, but you respect the players more, for what they are going to do when this game is over, serve in harms way as commissioned officers, protecting all of us.

..Helicopters and planes fly endless hours dropping water and retardants.

An interesting NFL weekend ahead of us. Can Kansas City stop the bleeding and win against Oakland. Somebody’s playoff hopes take a hit. The Chargers seem on a mission and could win again this weekend. Denver might not win a game the rest of the year and John Elway’s history as a GM is now being questioned.

..Painful to watch panicked horses break loose and run thru the raging fires, some to their death.

The firesafe in Miami begins with the Marlins trading of Dee Gordon and his big contract to he Seattle Mariners. That to be followed by the likely trade of slugger Giancarlo Stanton.

..Devastating looking at the 40 mile an hour winds speeding the Lilac fire from Fallbrook west to Oceanside.

Another day, another LaVar Ball moment, signing up his 2-sons with a player agent, who wants to be place them on teams in Europe or China. Next stop, next year, NBA-G League.

..Looking into the eyes of the exhausted Cal fire officials, on the lines in 12-hour shifts, hoping the get a break before they get hurt, respecting their courage going forward in the heat and blazes in a thankless job.

Watching the NHL get excited with the announcement that Seattle is their next expansion location, beating the NBA back into the vibrant market in the Pacific Northwest.

..Privately praying that the terrible fire does not turn south and head to where I live, Rancho Bernardo, where I never forgot the trauma of the 2007 fires that destroyed 1100 homes in the North County.

Looking forward to the next two items in baseball, where Shohei Ohtani decides to sign, and where Giancarlo Stanton winds up getting traded. Then of course, to be followed by the Winter Baseball meetings

..Could get excited, but cannot, because of the sadness, the carnage and the devastation so many people, North County residents, are dealing with the sadness, the loss of their houses.

San Diego-America’s Finest City, but not last night, not this day, not for a while to come. Heartbreak in our home town.


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