1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Friday “Can TV Make a Difference?”

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“TV-It Can Make a Difference”


TV and sports, a popular topic lots of places.

NFL TV ratings have dropped 17-percent over a two year period.

Sounds devastating, but in the big picture, when the NFL games dominate the weekly TV ratings, even with a drop-off, they still drawn huge audiences.

The NFL TV contracts grow in value every time they come up renewal. And those TV contracts for games on Sunday-Monday-Thursday and in Europe drive the bulk of the income for clubs. And fans cannot get enough of pro football, even in off-season with the NFL draft.

Major League baseball is growing rich based on the income generated by the MLB network, the national TV packages, and the individual contracts. Yes, lots of baseball on TV, but people are watching.

The NBA has lots of TV partners, and come playoff time, everyone wants to-has to watch the likes of LeBron James, the Splash Brothers at Golden State, upstart Houston etc.

And the Charles Barkley-led pre-post game shows generate audience too.

But the most amazing thing is what has happened to two niche sports, NHL hockey and International soccer.

The NHL playoffs have been riveting, on-ice, The newly formed NBC-Sports Network has delivered sizzling postseason games, in a league that found its life in so many new cities.

The reibrth of the Winnipeg Jets, and now the ‘White Out’ sellouts in their arena and the parties in the street outside the Arena have galvanized the explosive popularity of the sport.

It’s the same in Nashville, in Edmonton, and even in stoic Toronto, where Maple Leafs hockey has caught on.

In soccer, Americans are flocking to TVs at all weird hours to watch the English Premeir League, also on NBCSports Network. Manchester City and Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea are now fans favorite teams here, even if you have to get up at 4:30am on the West Coast on Saturday and Sundays to see games.

The Fox Soccer Channel was the first to deliver quality broadcasts from abroad. Now we don’t have to wait every four years for the World Cup.

Up next will be the challenge to see if struggling sports, NASCAR and Indy Car can rally back.

Of course college football is king on Saturdays in the fall, and now with the playoffs in place. And March Madness is the great money maker for the the NCAA schools.

Stock car ratings have plunged into the crater, possibly over saturation, too many races, too many starting times, not enough superstar personalities.

Indy Car racing has never recovered from the civil war between USAC and the IRL. They almost disappeared off the TV networks, and so has the star power..

The loss of Tiger Woods, via injuries and scandals, damaged the PGA ratings, with the exception of the historical Masters.

TV has made a difference to hockey and soccer. Shall be interesting to see which is the next sport in line to rally.

TV-Can Make the Difference.


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2 Responses to “1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Friday “Can TV Make a Difference?””

  1. Dave says:

    NFL ratings will drop further this year I predict Lee.

    It’s watered down with a Thursday night game.

    NFL fans are offended by the flag protests.

    The concussion issues are getting worse.

    I hope I’m wrong but I don’t think so.

    • Lee Hacksaw Hamilton says:

      I think league has huge problems…yes, the anthem, yes-violence, I think over saturation….too many bad QBs etc…

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