1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Friday “Chargers-Can You Believe What He Said”

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“Chargers-Saying Nothing-But-Saying Something”


The Chargers won’t lose this weekend, because they are not playing.

But if you look at the fan turnout at the Q for recent home games, you are struck by a couple of things.

Lots of empty seats in the 2nd deck, the most expensive seats in the house, and lots of noise from fans wearing the other team’s colors. That has become a common happening in recent years.

There’s Mike McCoy telling us on Monday’s how much he likes his team, how hard they work, the good job done by the coaches.

All this in the wake of 5-fourth quarter collapses, in which they had leads, and lost them.

But according to Coach Cliche, all is well at Chargers Park.

And then GM-Tom Telesco, grilled by the media about the state of the team, refuses to do anything except give us the obvious.

To quote the Chargers GM…

Tough losses in the fourth quarter of games.

We have uncovered some really good young players.

We’ll get our injured players back next year and add them to what we have found this year.

The players play hard for the head coach.

The head coach has done a tremendous job getting all the young players, and the so many new players, ready, in short order to get them on the field.

That’s right. It’s all what he said, and all he had to say. It seems the decision is already made, there will be a 5th year with Mike McCoy.

All this despite a (4-6) record this season. All this despite a 4th straight year without a playoff berth. All this despite a (9-21) record since early in the 2014 season. All this despite a (1-10) record against teams in the AFC-West.

Reading between the lines, it appears the GM, and the organization are going to stay with this guy as head coach, despite poor records, floundering attendance, and another likely last place finish.

The Chargers say nothing, and like on the field, get nothing accomplished either.

Not much accountability these days at Chargers Park. Not much credibility either.

What do you think?

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