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“Why-Just Asking Why-NFL Draft?”


The Chargers are going to average 33-points a game this coming season.

They will need to, because they will probably give up that many every Sunday.

48-hours after GM-Tom Telesco said he would always take a ‘special player’…rather than ‘fill a need’….he faced that dilema early Thursday night, early in the opening round of the NFL draft.

With a shakeup at the top of the draft board, with two trades, and a strange pick or two, Clemson star WR-Mike Williams, fell into his lap.

It did not take him long to decide a 6’4-WR-with 4.5-speed, toughness, burst, and 98-receptions last year, was that ‘special player’.

The Chargers GM ignored his defensive needs, aka-acute deficiencies, and took the gem of a wide out, to add to the arsenal of weapons Philip Rivers will have next fall.

And you thought North Korea was a threat to drop a big one.

Now Rivers can choose to hand it off to Melvin Gordon….throw it deep to Williams, Keenan Allen, the fast developing Tyrell Williams, the mighty mite Travis Benjamin, or get it to his catch and run tight ends Antonio Gates and Hunter Henry.

All fine and good, but the rampaging question for Chargers fans, the few left in San Diego who care, and the group that paid big money to cheer up there in Orange County, who is going to stop anybody next fall on defense?

Yes there is Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram and Jason Verrett and Casey Hayward, and Brandon Mebane. There’s nothing after that. That whole group of guys on the roster, couldn’t stop the run, couldn’t cover the pass, and got coordinator John Pagano fired.

Telesco went ‘special’ but stopped short on ‘shoring up’ his defense.

He could have had Alabama’s rugged nose tackle Jonathon Allen, the wide body slugger in the middle.

He bypassed safety Malik Hooker of Ohio State and his running mate Marcus Lattimore, both great talents, but with some injury questions.

He said no to trading back and getting an additional pick too.

That additional pick could have brought him secondary help, or another offensive lineman, to help protect Rivers.

We now know a couple of things for sure as the draft resumes on Friday morning.

The Chargers offense will be spectacular with all the skill people they have. But the offensive line at this hour is weaker than the offensive line that got Rivers pounded into turnovers, picks, fumbles and sacks last year.

And the defense, that was 28th in the NFL…gave up over 5500-yards…46-touchdowns…5.4-yards per carry vs running backs, , and allowed QBs’ to complete 62% of their passes won’t be any better, because they did not add a playmaker.

If the Bolts had gone into NFL free agency and found some veteran upgrades to that defense, I’d feel a whole lot better.

Cannot wait to see 33-points a game from Rivers and the run and gun Bolts. Bet the likes of Brady-Prescott-Alex Smith-Derek Carr-Ryan Tannehill-Carson Wentz-and Kirk Cousins cannot wait to score 35 a game against that Chargers defense.

Mike Williams-Clemson, ‘special player’. The Chargers defense, ‘significant problems’.


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