1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Friday “Chargers-End of Season-but-Not Misery”

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“Chargers-End of season-not the end of their problems”


The Chargers miserable season is over.

Other teams are playing this weekend, the Bolts team is not.

Losing 6-of-7 to end the year was hard to take.  So was the (5-11) record.

They have very hard decisions, and likely expensive ones to make about QB-Philip Rivers, RB-Melvin Gordon and a host of other free agents.

That ache of a miserable finish will likely go away in the off season as the team makes players deals.

What won’t go away is the memory and the noise of all those home games, with other fans wearing their team jerseys in the stands instead of Chargers fans.  As Bolts players said ‘we played 16-road games a year’.

What won’t go away is the haunting feeling none of this would have ever happened if Dean Spanos had kept his team here as the San Diego Chargers.  The family greed has led to this.  Left behind the memories and loyalty of the years ‘Show Me Your Lightning Bolt’.


General Manger Tom Telesco-End of Season Press Conference
..Very disappointed how season ended
..Go from playoffs to 5-wins..alot of factors in this ending
..I need to do a better job avoiding the spikes in seasons

..We are disappointed and a bit angry but not discouraged
. .I like the culture-the foundation-love our head coach
..These things are critical.
..Make sure we bring in right players for system
..Need to learn to adjust our schemes
..There is a foundation here to win
..We have to communicate

..Whole league changes year to year..we have to too.
..There are players we want back
..Rivers can still can compete at top level
..We need to look at everything with him..we were (0-6) division
..We’ve done it before-fixed this team-we will
..In a perfect world #17 is your QB forever
..He has meant everything to this organization..a joy to work with

..We need to get removed from the season a bit before deciding
..We have time to re-evaluate everything- we will
..Turnovers killed us…on offense..not getting them on defense
..Red zone offense was a problem as was our 3rd down defense

..The Rivers contract will work itself our..he’s tough..he’s a leader
..I love the quarterback-we need to help him
..I can’t picture him without a Lightning Bolt on his helmet
..His perspective on the team-it’s needs-his career-right on.

..You lose a Pro Bowl LT and OC-that’s tough
..Our sack percentage was 7th least in NFL-we need to fix upfront
..You can’t fix things in-season..you can in off-season
..We must have tough discussions after (5-11) season.

..Shane Steichen-it was hard to come in mid-season-coordinator
..You need to be coordinator in camp to install things-not in season
..He had pretty tight turnaround-he did pretty good job this year

..Melvin Gordon in same boat with everyone
..Gordon holdout did not make me happy
..I love Gordon as a player-he had great games coming back
..He is excellent football player..I like him a lot
..I understand why he held out-we have to get beyond that
..That holdout hurt our football team-we did not have all our weapons

..We need to evaluate how we handled those negotiations
..Every contact situation with players are different

..Everyone in building is hurting right now
..We put everything into this…to go (5-11)..we are exhausted
..We have good coach..we will put the work in to get this done
..We are not ready to evaluate players-staff is exhausted-have time
..We are not hiding from the work we have to

..Mike Pouncey is an incredible leader-we need to see if he can play
..Derwin James showed how good he is-what he did end of year
..Austin Ekeler-great leadership ability
..Nassir Adderly-has to get healthy-he can play-great instincts
..Mike Williams-huge catches-big time playmaker-yardage guy

..If there ever a year to turn the page-it is this one
..We need to win-going into new stadium
..We have a healthy cap situation-most since I have been here

..Every year there are major questions-how do you fix this-that
..We need next group of young players to step forward now
..Young players have it in them to become new leaders
..Young OL we have played have to expand on that in off season now

..Playoffs painful to watch…not being part of it
..In 1998-Indianapolis-we were behind Pacers-Indy 500-1999-we won
..2000-we won a lot of games-did a lot in community-turned the down
..Play consistent-win games with Peyton Manning-it’s Colts town
..Bigger scale here-it’s LA…Bar is high…drive us more-we play to win
..Splash is not important..substance to splash is the key
..Moving to new stadium will be exciting
..Energy going into new stadium for these players

..Be careful of players with big names-can they still play
..We have great support from ownership to get players-need right one
..Carson Stadium-no agent ever mentioned that to me as negative
..We sell our coach-leadership..this QB
..The talent is there at skill position and on our defense-now must add

..Anthony Lynn is not narrow-focused..he sees big picture when talk
..We talk constantly-I know what he wants player wise-talk all time
..He listens…I listen…we put enough good people in room-get answer
..By Senior Bowl-we will have a better feel of our needs
..Will take us a couple of weeks to get beyond this (5-11) finish


2 Responses to “1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Friday “Chargers-End of Season-but-Not Misery””

  1. Rick Smith says:

    Hacksaw, while I agree that the Chargers essentially suffered through 16 road games, that didn’t stop them last season. This team has some strengths, and some weaknesses. Unfortunately the coaching staff and Rivers played to their weaknesses. The Chargers consistently attempted plays on offense that they had not had success with. The talent on the field was not capable of converting those drawn-up plays into positive yardage. Similar problems on defense and special teams.
    If the talent on the field is limited by injuries, inexperience or otherwise, you have to make plays those guys can be successful at. The Chargers didn’t have the size, the speed, the strength or the determination to execute the plays that were designed for them (offense, defense and special teams) and we witnessed the results. That’s a coaching/coordinator problem. You know: the definition of insanity…

    • Lee Hacksaw Hamilton says:

      Nice to hear from you…
      Sad Chargers window closed…really thought that era with Martyball…17-21-85 and all the role players would get to the Super Bowl
      Teams change from year to year..and roster churn led to shortcomings lots of places
      Injury siege just ridiculous.
      Odd the Fouts teams of your era should have been in the Super Bowl
      The Humphries team earned trip but was not Super Bowl calibre
      Really thought Martyball-AJ era would get them there
      Now they will never get there

      Hope you enjoy my columns and website daily…



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