1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Friday “Chargers-Spending Money-Throw Good Money at Bad”

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Chargers-“Spending Money-Throwing Good Money at Bad?”


So the spending spree has started in the NFL. The signing frenzy. The enormous amounts of bonus money given to players, who don’t carry “impact ” labels on them.

The Chargers, still doing business out of the Fortress, AKA, Chargers Park, went out and got another left tackle.

Someone will have to explain the days dealings to me.

Having dispatched young stud DJ Fluker, amongst others on Wednesday night, the Chargers stood and watched do-everything 3rd down back Danny Woodhead leave for Baltimore. And they let go of another 3rd down back, the tough little running back Brandon Oliver.

But the decision to write a big check, a huge check, to ex-Seahawks and Broncos left tackle Russell Okung, is a shocker.

A former lst round draft pick out of Oklahoma State, he was an instant starter with the Seahawks, then was let go. He was a starter in Denver, then jettisoned after just one year.

The only metric I can tell you about Okung, is that he always nicked up. Ankles, knees, shoulders.

He’s missed 24-games in his 7-year career, and played sub-standard in other games too.

Sure players get hurt, but he seemed to take it to another level. So he replaces King Dunlap, who has significant head injury issues, in the form of four concussions over the course of his NFL career. He couldn’t stay on the field last year.

What really blows your mind, is how the Chargers have continually missed on left tackles, since the retirement of stalwart Marcus McNeill with neck problems four years ago.

This team, that front office, just gave Okung a (4Y-53M) deal with 25M guaranteed. Twenty five million guaranteed for a guy who is constantly dinged up.

In the tradition of Chargers leadership, they gave Okung this money, after last year lavishing Dunlap with a (4Y-28M) package, 13M of it guaranteed, and we know how many injuries he has sustained.

And this all started with Jared Gaither, you remember him, the big hulk-turned-big stiff. They gave him (4Y-24M) with 11M-guaranteed. They disliked him so much, they did not invite him back for the 2nd year of the multi-year deal.

Think about the decision makers in these transactions, not just the players. John Spanos to Tom Telesco to Ed McGuire have signed off on 105M in salaries, and 47M in guaranteed signing bonuses, and roster bonuses. They spent that in a 5-year span, at one position, with zero return on investment.

All this for left tackles, the second most important position on the roster, to the quarterback they are supposed to protect.

The Chargers, still searching for the right guy at left tackle. Still spending ridiculous amounts of money too.

Draft a left tackle, develop him. Easier said than done, I know. Especially since they drafted a right tackle (DJ Fluker) , and just cut him.

Throwing good money at bad. and wondering why they are not winning.


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