1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Friday “Chargers-Sweet Victory & Bittersweet Loss”

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“Chargers-Sweet Victory-Bittersweet Loss”



How do you explain the Chargers come from behind, come back from the dead, victory in Kansas City over the Chiefs.

Down 14-points, 3-different times, people stepped up and made plays all night long to get the Bolts the win, and move them into a a first place tie with the Chiefs.

I knew Philip Rivers would pass for a ton of yards, and make plays all night. I also knew the Chiefs defense was pitiful, and rightfully had earned their 30th ranking in the NFL coming in, and allowed (407Y) in the loss.

There were heroes and goats lots of places.

Rivers survived 5-sacks, 8-hits, and 9-pressures, plus a brutal helmet hi on the final drive.

Wide receiver Mike Williams outmuscled the KC secondary all night for tough catches, then won it with a wide open 2-point conversion catch when the Chiefs blew the coverage with (:04) left.

The Bolts lost Keenan Allen with a hip injury. Had to play without Melvin Gordon and Austin Ekeler. No problem, because the rookies Justin Jones and Dextraze Newsome combined for (138Y) rushing and receiving.

Offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt elected to run the ball in the second half, saving Rivers life. But by doing so, the Chargers wound up engineering scoring drives of 11-11-12-12 and 15 plays, destroying the Chiefs will to stop people.

On defense, Patrick Mahomes nearly broke the Charges back, escaping sacks 4-different times, to make plays to keep drives going. But he also had 4-drives where KC did not get any points, and how often has that happened this year in any single game?

The Chargers survived lots of bad things. 4-defensive offsides, a facemark penalty, giving up 5-sacks on the night. They blitzed 11-times, got to Mahomes twice, but really disrupted his rhythm.

The Bolts secondary leaked oil a lot in the first half, yes Travis Kelce is still running wide open, but Tyreek Hill didn’t kill them this time, and the Chargers defense contained the big plays, especially in the 2nd half. When was the last time KC had a sub 300-yard game on offense?

Oh it was a huge emotional win, but by the end of the night, I don’t know if those of us left behind should cheer or still jeer, what happened to our community?

The Chargers could win the division, with easy games coming against Baltimore and Denver. KC could still lose the division, because now they have to go to play Seattle, which is red hot, next week.

Could you imagine a scenario where the Super Bowl teams are both from Los Angeles, Rams-vs-Chargers? Anything is possible.

No one thought Anthony Lynn’s team would win games in Seattle-Pittsburgh-Kansas City, but they did this season.

Intangibles…God what a great offense and leader they have at quarterback.

Realities. It’s not our team any longer, owned by some greedy Greek family, who cared only about their money and the move to the LA market.

It’s hard to feel good about all this.

I don’t think I have crossed paths with anyone who has anything but bitter feelings against the Spanos family for what they did to San Diego. And now there’s a knot in your stomach thinking about the enjoyment Dean Spanos must have about his team as they come back from Kansas City.

I wonder if Rams fans left behind in St Louis harbor the same lifetime resentment against Stan Kroenke, for moving his team to LA.

Sweet victory for Rivers.. Bittersweet loss for Chargers fans-left behind.. . .-


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