1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Friday “Frantic Friday-Life in the NBA”

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“Frantic Friday-Life in the NBA”


Random roundball thoughts watching all things NBA draft

Lakers…They are better this morning than they were the last game of the season. They get Brook Lopez and his 21-point a game offense and 7′ size replacing the staffs masquerading in the paint last year. They get Lonzo Ball’s talent, his ego, his immaturity and his father, though I think coaching, guidance, and peer pressure will change some things around the UCLA kid.

Lakers II…Keep in mind, they still have resources to try and do a deal to get Paul George of the Indiana Pacers. They have now accumulated 27M cap space for the summer of 2018. They still have bargaining chips if they have to do a sign and trade right now. And most importantly, George wants to be a Laker, come home, not go to Cleveland or somewhere else.

Clippers…No first round pick and not a better team now than they were the last night they got beat in the playoffs. But Jerry West influence will be everywhere, and that might include a significant deal. Can you say Blake Griffin to Indiana for George? Can you say Chris Paul in a sign and trade to San Antonio? What they have this morning, might not be what they will have the day camp opens in mid-fall.

76ers…Some horrid years of basketball, but tanking works. Look at the stockpile of young players in Philadelphia, though they have to get them healthy, and they have to learn to play together. Bunch of bad years, most everyone thinks good years are coming.

Celtics..That could be a gem they drafted, in taking Jason Tatrum of Duke to add to a growing list of really good young players. Made the playoffs last year, probably take the next step forard next year, and they still have 7-first round picks over the next couple of years stockpiled.

Chicago..That was painful dealing away Jimmy Butler to Minnesota, but the Bulls get 3-young players in the deal including 7′ shooter Laurie Markinnen, and the T-Wolves add big time quality to go with Andrew Wiggins, Riby Rubio and others.

Sacramento..Not sure I understand the Kings trading out of the 10th spot, when they could have had Zach Collins of Gonzaga or Malik Monk of Kentucky or Justin Jackson of North Carolina to go with the 5th player taken, Kentucky guard DeAaron Fox.

Indiana..What a bad day for the Pacers with Paul George, resident superstar saying he’s not staying, and will exit as a free agent. Every right to do it, but the real blow to a Pacers team trying to restore identity and success. No wonder Larry Bird left.

Adam Silver…The Commissioner is powerless to stop what is happening, though I maintain it is not good for the NBA. The formation of the Dream Teams has made 20-to-25 teams irrelevant in the league. Milwaukee, Sacramento, Phoenix and the sorts cannot match up to the great teams like Cleveland-Warriors-Spurts…where they have loaded up on talent.

New York..The tabloids are killing Phil Jackson, his team dreadful in the last couple of years. Stuck with Carmelo Anthony’s contract, tried to deal-but did not, Kristaps Porzingas, trying to run the triangle with no quality guards, and coaching changes. Guess life is alot tougher when don’t have Jordan-Shaq-Kobe or the likes. A real mess at the Mecca-Madison Square Garden.

Next up….NBA free agency on July lst…guys opting out…sign and trades, and surely changes coming in LA..San Antonio…Indiana and a few other spots.


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